Year 3 Birthday Pictures

Thursday, February 2, 2012

We were a little late in doing Darbi's birthday pictures this year. We had them taken here in Utah today at Photo Works and I was pretty happy with them. She's just starting to understand that when we have a camera around, it pays to sit still and smile. She loves looking at pictures of herself. She's always grabbing my iPhone and yelling "I want to look at pictures of Darbi!!!" And there's usually a tantrum involved if I take it away while she's still looking. Vain kid. The session started out great but she soon got distracted and we got through only 4 of the 6 poses we wanted but I'm still happy. I only got 3 usable pictures from last year's photo shoot so anything is better!

Here is Clint's facebook post from January 1st, 2012.


(How cool is that?! How did I not notice this?)
And can we all look at how she doesn't have any hair here?? I can't believe it.
Maybe next years birthday pictures will include braids!

And our favorites from today!

Little Piggies

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 years and we now have enough hair to barely do this. I love it so much I can't even tell you! I smile every time I see it and she is growing up like crazy before my eyes! Everyday I ask her if I can put piggies in her hair and she says YES! The first day she kept saying "I want to show my piggies to Grandma Linda!" I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! They're teeny piggies and I have to use the smallest elastics but they're still adorable.

I remember when I was excited to even see the little hairs. :)

Instagram Roundup

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I got an iPhone for Christmas. Mostly for the Instagram app. :) I'm obsessed. It's no secret to anyone who knows my husband that he hates Apple. And it took a little time to get him to come around to the idea and get him to stop slamming my new phone (not really slamming - I'll be so mad if it ever breaks!). But I love it and am Instagraming (new word) the heck outta my days!
So here goes the instagram & P-family life update. :)

Grandma got Darbi to "take a snooze" with her "Big Bear" and that lasted for a week. She would not let me move him.

Couldn't find my running pants so I went out in capris one night.. in 30 degree weather. I won't be doing that again. Pants have since been found.

This may someday require a long story/post of its own but that will all come in due time. A few weeks ago, I had to have an ultrasound on my Carotid Artery. My doctor thought he heard a bruit (pronounced bru-ey) in my artery and because of my high blood pressure, the presence of that little bugger could be the cause of my HBP. BUT, they found nothing. So I'm still on my meds.

Darbi helping me assemble Week 1 of my Project Life kit (3rd year in a row!). Love this project.

Pre-glittering hearts for kits at work! They looks so pretty and I'm so in the mood to glitter up my house with pretty things & hearts!

First Sunday of the new year we made it to church on time! Soft seats actually help Darbi behave better during Sacrament meeting!

I've been finding little scenes set up around the house lately and I. LOVE. IT.

Conversation between "Tinkerbell" and I
Me: Tinkerbell, fly over to me!
Tink: (in the saddest voice ever) I don't know how to fly. :(

I lost my last pair of contacts and was stuck in glasses for a whole week while I waited for Costco to get my 'scrip in. I loved it but felt so scatterbrained because I couldn't see as well. It's especially flustering when you have a 3 year old running away from you all the time! But contacts are in and I'm back to normal!

Lastly, I got a haircut! Just a little shorter than normal but I'm loving the length. Since I skipped my color this time, I'm in dire need of a little coverage. Folks... I have SO. MUCH. GRAY. Blame who you will. :) (cough cough MOM)

Happy Birthday baby girl

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby girl had a birthday this month! And I've decided that I officially do not have a baby anymore because she loves to eat cereal.. out of a bowl... with a spoon... and milk. Like a grown up. We were in Arizona for her birthday and though we'd keep it simple. It was a purple & gold party with Rapunzel gifts. We decorated during her afternoon nap since church was at 9. You can't expect me to get up early... even if it is my kid's birthday. :)

So I put together a little list of questions to ask her and hopefully will do this every year. The questions will probably change every year so we'll think of it as a little interview. :) She didn't answer every question I asked so I'll only include the once she did.

1. How old are you? Three (an obvious one :)
2. Favorite food? Cereal
3. Favorite color? Pink
4. Favorite song? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
5. Favorite book? Fairy tales
6. Favorite outfit? My kitty jammies
7. Favorite treat? Goldfish
8. Favorite fruit? Strawberries
9. Favorite drink? Juice
10. Favorite breakfast? Pretzels - I love pretzels!
11. Favorite tv show? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
12. Favorite activity? Angry Birds
13. Favorite game? To play with the ball
14. Favorite toy? My treehouse (her Littlest Pet Shop Treehouse)
15. Favorite animal? A pig
16. Where do you like to go? See Daddy
17. What do you dream about? Minnie Mouse
18. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Go see the princesses
19. Who is your best friend? GiGi (my mom :)
20. What do you like to do with Mommy & Daddy? Snuggle (definitely my favorite answer!)
21. Favorite thing to do outside? I love play in the snow
22. What makes you sad? My bed (the bane right now... we are all so tired. Bedtime is ridiculous)
I did ask her what makes her happy.. but she was too busy playing Angry Birds. :) I think we know what makes her happy.
23. What do you take to bed with you? 2 blankies & Jake in my bed (Jake is her little pink bear)
24. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Lunch & Spaghettios
25. What was the favorite part of your birthday? My crown

Boy we've come a long way in 3 years. :)

A Pink Headache.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We're just getting to the age where she says funny things that I can blog. I think I'm back. :)

Audrey: Oy! I have a headache!

Darbi: You have a headache? I wanna see it!

Audrey: No because it's in my head.

Darbi: ::gasp:: I see it! It's right there!

Audrey: What color is it?? (I don't know why I asked this.. When I talk to her, sometimes I think in terms of what a 3 year old thinks of; shapes, numbers, & colors)

Darbi: PINK! It's a pink headache!

Nighttime Pranks

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hey friends! We're all alive here! I'd like to say I took a little break from the cyber world but that would be a big 'ol lie. Pinterest has stolen my heart and I'm also a little lazy. ;) You want to see something fun though? Sometimes we like to pretend Toy Story is real in our house. She woke up pretty surprised. First thing she said after she woke up was "Hi mammals!" Like it was no big deal.
Maybe for my next post, I'll show you all a picture of Darbi. She's getting kinda big and is growing a smallish amount of hair. :) Get excited friends!

Darbi and her uncle

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby girl with our most favorite Marine. He came home for the 4th and Darbi couldn't get enough. She's kind of smitten. :)

Ugh. Blogging. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clint just chastised me for not blogging in over a month. He actually said, "Are you ever going to blog again? Or have you just given up?" What a supportive husband, right? Apparently I don't follow through on stuff. Meh. He just knows me. But in my defense, I found this quote by Emily Bronte and it matches us...

"He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

THE SAME. So he's a lazy s.o.b. too. :) And it's a cute quote..

I have taken TONS of cute pictures that have been intended for a spot on the ol' blog but I can't find my card reader (Mom bring yours up when you come!) so I can't get any pictures off my small camera. With a husband who has major technology genius, you'd think he'd help me out a little! I'll quickly update Darbi because I'm sure that's why you're reading. :)

She's growing like a weed. I measure her a few times a month because I get so excited when she sprouts a little! She's 34 1/2" tall and weighs about 25 pounds. She's fearless and climbs on everything. She loves to run and makes everyone she's around nervous because her running form is very spastic. She looks like she's about to face plant all the time.

She's starting to talk SO much more now! It amazes me everyday. She says things I never taught her! Quick list of her new sayings/things she knows...

One more time - she says this ALL THE TIME and knows exactly what it means
Want it - usually with this one, she shakes her head no while saying "want" meaning she doesn't want that and nods while saying "want" meaning she does.
I love you
I love you more
I love you much (I always say I love you very much)
I missed you
Pliget - meaning Piglet :) She's recently fallen in love with Winnie the Pooh
Hold you - If she wants me to hold her
See me - meaning she wants me to hold her. I didn't realize this until she started saying it but I always say "Do you want to come see me?"
Nuggle - snuggle :)
Uh-uh - as in NO. I ask her "Do you want a sandwich?" Darbi says "Uh-uh" I ask "Do you want to sing the ABC's?" She says "Uh-uh"
But she can sing the ABC's and I'm so proud of her!
She can count to 12
She knows a ton of shapes and all the basic colors
She can sing the entire "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" song without any help

She can point out animals if I ask her where they are and knows what sound they make - Her monkey sound is my favorite and if she's ever doubting the sound a certain animal makes - she usually nay's like a horse. :)

When we say our prayers together before going to bed, she says over and over "good dreams! good dreams!" so we make sure to ask that she will have no bad dreams. :) We also ask to bless Kade while he's in school for the Marine's and she shakes her head like crazy like she agrees.

The other day she was holding her plastic celery play food and I asked her what it was and she said "apple tree!" THEN a few days later, I was laying on the ground with my legs in the air against the wall and she was trying to climb up to my feet... while saying "climb apple tree!" Where the heck did she learn what an apple tree was?!

She says "Okay" after everything! She'll come up and say "Cookie!!" So I'll respond with "Oh- you want a cookie?" (obviously rhetorical) and she'll say "Ohhhhkay" all drawn out like it was my idea to ask her if she wanted a cookie. Like it's such a burden saying yes.

And lastly, going to bed has been kind of a chore. We moved her into a big girl bed a few months ago and she did awesome until about 3 weeks ago. She doesn't come down and bother us but just stays up and plays with toys. I figure, if she doesn't come down and bother me, I don't care what she does. :) She usually ends up in bed.... sometimes.

The allergy bug has hit our house

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I have so many things I need to blog up in my head right now. I've been busy enjoying summer and sun and tomato plants! Pinterest has been taking up some of my computer time and I'm not gonna lie... I still nap when Darbi naps. :)

But I have to share this yucky tidbit. We just discovered Darbi has allergies. Like nasty snotty itchy REALLY BAD allergies. I don't have allergies and Clint wasn't affected by them until about 2 years ago.. weird, I know. And it's so much worse than her getting sick. I'd rather her be sick. That's a horrible thing to say I know. We have a nasty snotty nose ALL THE TIME, a little dry cough, itchy/watery eyes, and she wakes up 3-4 times a night because she can't breathe. We had to pull the stupid humidifier out again. (It's an adorable penguin and I really kind of love it..) Just 2 days ago we realized we could give her Children's Benadryl at 1/2 tsp and that has helped with the sleeping at night but it doesn't make her drowsy at all. She didn't nap today because she can't breathe and it is 10:45 at night and she's sitting on my lap wide awake. She laid in bed from 8-10 just playing and when I heard the sink in the bathroom on, I went and grabbed her. We're now watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons on You Tube. In Spanish. :)

Ugh. Snot bubbles, red raw little noses, and itchy watery eyes are my life right now. Now I'm the one assuring everyone else we're not full of germs. It really is just allergies. I hated when other Mom's gave me that excuse because I knew it wasn't the case with their kids. But I PROMISE. It's just allergies. Crappy crappy allergies.

Sticker Discovery

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Someone just discovered how awesome stickers are...

She thinks that the side of her head is where they are supposed to go...

Sunroof Carwash DISASTER

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

See my wet shirt? Wanna hear a funny story? :) While we were in AZ, Mom's car got dirty. Did you know Costco has a seriously amazing carwash?! Well they do... so we took Mom's car through it. Darbi is terrified of any drive-through carwash so we pulled her into the front seat. Mom thought to take video.. unfortunately we stopped it too early. But BEFORE you watch it.. lemme tell you a story.
While Mom was videoing, I thought it would be kind of dark so I tried to turn the light on... but that happens to be right next to that stupid little button that opens/vents the sunroof. See where this is going?? So the sunroof's shade was closed and we couldn't see the window... So we continue on through the carwash and I keep looking up the make sure no water is coming in. I don't have a sunroof in my car and it was so dark so I didn't know if I really opened it or not. Then Mom stops recording... and simultaneously, I think how cool would it look out the window of the sunroof as we were going through the carwash?! Pretty cool right?! Then I could inconspicuously check to see if I had "vented" it earlier... pretty crappy logic, right? So I slide the shade open and start mildly panicking.. Mom catches on to my panicking... and tries to close the sunroof. Apparently she didn't know which button to push either because she OPENED THE SUNROOF IN THE CARWASH!!!! I totally blamed it on her but it was really my fault. :) It was like a waterfall!! Anyway.. here's the video. We didn't catch the waterfall action but around :51 you can see my face when I KNOW that the sunroof is open. :)

Spring Break Trip to AZ

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At the end of March, Darbi and I took a little trip down to AZ and left Clint to "study" and get ready for finals. Mostly I picked that weekend because the Tempe Art Festival was that weekend and Mom ALWAYS goes without me. I made it a point to be there for it. But mostly we just hung out and played with Darbi.

Mom took Darbi for a walk to see the ducks. Ignore those ugly townhouses in the background. They are full of cranky old people. I hate those buildings. Huge eyesore. But Darbi is cute. :)

Darbi & I at the Art Festival.

I could not get her to sleep in the pack n play Mom & Dad have so she shared the queen bed with me. We took naps together everyday and it was honestly the best part of my day! :) When we came home though, it was a huge pain getting her to sleep in her crib again.

Mom has this monkey hand puppet and usually any kid that sees it freaks out. Darbi loves it and even asks for it when we skype! It's so cute.

Related much?? Sheesh! This was at the hockey game...

I don't know where we were but she's cute here, right? :) and has some crazy long legs!

HA! Jed is a nerd.

Another boring picture post with no clever words. Sorry! It's late and it just needs to be posted.