Year 3 Birthday Pictures

Thursday, February 2, 2012

We were a little late in doing Darbi's birthday pictures this year. We had them taken here in Utah today at Photo Works and I was pretty happy with them. She's just starting to understand that when we have a camera around, it pays to sit still and smile. She loves looking at pictures of herself. She's always grabbing my iPhone and yelling "I want to look at pictures of Darbi!!!" And there's usually a tantrum involved if I take it away while she's still looking. Vain kid. The session started out great but she soon got distracted and we got through only 4 of the 6 poses we wanted but I'm still happy. I only got 3 usable pictures from last year's photo shoot so anything is better!

Here is Clint's facebook post from January 1st, 2012.


(How cool is that?! How did I not notice this?)
And can we all look at how she doesn't have any hair here?? I can't believe it.
Maybe next years birthday pictures will include braids!

And our favorites from today!