Old Lappy = Slightly Shotgunned

Monday, October 27, 2008

Before we left for P-town AZ, Clint took my lappy into Best Buy because the wireless card went out... so we thought. We got a phone call Friday night saying they were just going to REPLACE THE ENTIRE COMPUTER!! Some freaky factory recall on the motherboard.. blah-bity blah.. To say the least.. or most.. We were blown away. The new compy is beautiful however, I feel a tribute must be made to the old lappy.. We will miss you.

Baby Pedersen's 1st Photo

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We are 12 weeks and 2 days today! Yesterday was our first appointment. We are seeing Dr. Judd in Provo and he's hilarious. He told me for headaches to take to Excedrin and wash it down with Dr. Pepper.. REALLY???? I about died. Best Dr. EVER!!

We also got to hear the heartbeat and it was going strong! Our baby is healthy! S/he's going to be a thumb sucker!
Our official due date is April 25, 2009.

JED IS HOME!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jed came home on Friday and it was awesome!! He looks the same to me.. just a little softer around the midsection. ;) just kidding. I made a sign that said "Bienvenidos Tio Jed!" (which means Welcome Uncle Jed). He didn't get it when he first read it. He said that he knew what it said but forgot that me calling him an "uncle" meant that I was going to have a baby. It was so funny when he realized. Here's the video of it..

And here are some other photos of the night at the airport...

Jed & Matt

Jed & the Atkinson girls

Jed & Grandma and Grandpa Hillman

Jed & Grandma Linda

Clint, Jed, & I

Me & my sign

I am SO glad he is home!

1 day left!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I chopped off all my hair! I did it last Saturday but just now got around to taking a picture.  I also dyed it dark! I was meant to be a chocolate brown but it came out almost BLACK!!  I love it though!  I look sassy!  ;) 

Clint got his hair "done" too and is very handsome looking...  especially when he's in a suit..  Mmmmm Mmmhhh I do love that boy!!  But he won't get to AZ until tonight so no pic for today.

Man I have a big forehead...  and I finally broke the 200 day mark until the baby comes!

Jed comes home tomorrow!!  

4 more days!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jed comes home on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! I seriously cannot wait. He doesn't know we're pregnant and his eyes are going to pop out of his head! His first thought when he sees me is going to be "MAN she got fat!!" but then... I will tell him the earth SHATTERING news... and he will be SO excited to have a fatty sister! Makes it all worth it.. the eating and getting fat I mean. :) I'm having doughnuts for dessert. Jealous?