Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We have moved to weight-in being every other day. So no new weight today. She might be at 4 pounds and I don't know it.. but we will for sure find out tomorrow! Being sick still isn't very fun. :( It KILLS me not being able to hold her. Darbi has started 24 cal fortifier today. I kept having good excuses for them to not go and they kept listening to me, which was good.. but I ran out of excuses. But so far, she is doing well on it.

I can't get enough of this!

Or this... :) MAN she is bald!!!


Monday, March 30, 2009

I love this! Thanks Aimee for showing us this! So cute! I love that "happy" "home" and "Darbi" are the largest words!

Gripes & Happys

I'm still sick.. so today's visit with Darbi was a short one. I went in to deliver my milk and see what her weight was. She is 3 grams shy of 4 pounds! I can't consider today the 4 pound day so hopefully she doesn't lose weight tomorrow! The NNP called me today and said that as soon as I'm not sick I can start to breastfeed!! Not full on breastfeed because it will take her a little while to get the hang of it but we can at least start practicing! And in a few days we will be in a new crib and my nurse was saying that 23 week babies get the full on treatment! (I'm sure all babies get the full on treatment and she was saying it to make me feel special but it worked!) She will have a mobile above her crib and everything!

So with all of these new changes taking place in the next week or so, I thought I would be brave and ask the annoying question that all nurses hear... When does she come home?? I cautiously asked, "Could be maybe expect her to be home by her due date like they said at the beginning?" (April 25th) and the nurse was like.. "25 days?? Of I'm sure of it!!" Just as long as we don't have any major setbacks! I couldn't believe it!!!

So today is Monday... Family Home Evening Day. Clint and I don't have FHE. Everyday is like FHE for us because we are together. When I was growing up we would always do "Gripes and Happys" as one of our FHE activities. Your gripe could be anything you want it to be and about anyone you want.. and the catch is that person (if they are in the room) cannot say anything about it. It is your one chance to vent but once you give your gripe, you can't say anything else about it. And your happy can be anything you want it to be! I called my Mom today and my family was doing "Gripes and Happys" while I was on the phone. I decided Clint and I will start them up...

Audrey's Gripe: BEING SICK
Audrey's Happy: Darbi has gained awesome weight 2 days in a row!

Clint's Gripe: People who yell at him for being stupid and not paying their parking tickets
Clint's Happy: He gave a parking ticket to a UVU student while he was asleep in his car!!

Happy Birthday Bear...

This is what late-night-blog-surfing gets me... HI-larious.

For this reason...

I hate Utah... I thought we were past this!!

Faces of Darbi

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I took all of this within about a minute total.. She was being so active. I couldn't get in and touch her or hold her today (that's Clint's hand in the binky picture) and so it was fun to just talk to her and see how she would react to my voice. She threw in a few really good smiles in there between these goofy pictures but I was never ready to catch them. I woke up sick today.. Over the past year, I've gotten about 5 colds and every time I give them to my "roommate" at work, Amy. She gets so mad at me every time and this was her chance to get back at me! ;) It's ok though. I really deserve it! I bought some Zicam and hopefully I can kick it.. and hopefully I don't lose my sense of smell from it.

Darbi gained major weight tonight! She's at 1801 and now that she's there, she gets to move to a real crib! We will wait a few days to make sure it's real weight and she doesn't lose any of it. Hopefully by Thursday. She has also been on continuous feeds meaning that she gets 36cc's of milk every 3 hours and they pump it all in over the period of 3 hours so she's continuously getting fed.. Makes sense. We are going to start shortening that 3 hour pumping time to 2.5 hours so she can start to get used to eating like a normal baby. I am NOT breastfeeding 24/7. OUCH. Other than that.. she's. doing. awesome!

The picture where she is sucking her bottom lip is for you Becky! :) Her and Grace will be best friends!!

Never-ending eye appointments

Still no eye surgery!! We had another check today. I guess the plan with her eyes is that she is not in the clear for not having surgery. The doctor said that she will still need surgery (98% chance..) whether it's next week or in a month. The plan is to just keep checking them every few days so that when they do get worse, we can do the surgery right away. The good thing is that with every day that she doesn't need it, she gets a little older and a little bigger. The bigger she is, the easier it will be for her to recover from the surgery. So that's the plan with those eyeballs of hers. Her next appointment is Tuesday. We will wait and see.

Today I did some skin to skin holding and she was on 2 liters of air flow on her cannula at room air... ROOM AIR!! That means no extra oxygen was needed! She was doing so good! It only lasted for like 5 or 10 minutes but then she only went up to like 24 or 25%. Little by little.

What else to update? I've noticed that the last few days I've felt more and more comfortable around her. It helps that I get to do more of her cares and also that day by day she is getting bigger. Of course I know the nurses need to do the important stuff but I just want to swipe her right out of that little bed of hers all the time! At least this way I know that when she comes home I'll probably be feeling much much more comfortable with her!

Here is mine and Clint's special find today! It costs a pretty penny but it is so pretty! The minimum weight for this stroller is 4 lbs! That's like 2 or 3 days away for us! Granted, she's not coming home in 2 or 3 days.. I'm thinking like 4 weeks or so but it's still nice to know there's a car seat out there that she can actually fit into now!!

Baby Shower!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I seriously have the best ward ever! And the best Visiting Teacher ever!! Today my VT threw me a shower with our whole ward. I don't know very many people because we've been in Primay (I know who their kids are though!!) and today I got to meet so many people! It was awesome! The food was so yummy and so many people that I didn't even know came. It's so nice to be a part of a bigger family who are so helpful and welcoming!!

It was a little weird to be there not pregnant and without a baby but it's very comforting to have a few more of the necessities that will aid us when big D comes home. It's a little frightening knowing that I could possibly have a baby living here with us in a month. I feel better knowing I have a few things to get us going!!

Our most needed gift of the day: (That I am SO SO SO excited about!!!)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU 4th Ward!!!

I took my camera but completely forgot to take pictures!! It was so beautifully decorated!! Here's the little set-up I brought with me so people could kind of get to know Darbi more..

Double duty

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Darbi pulled a fast one on me tonight and did double duty IN MY HAND!! Or should I say double doodie?? Yes.. Double. #1 AND #2. For the 5 seconds it takes us to zero out the scale on the bed, Darbi chose to use that time to relieve herself... on me. For all you mom's out there... you'll tell me to get used to it and my Dad told me what goes around comes around.. Apparently I passed on my good timing skills to my daughter. :)

This was me holding her last night. Doesn't she look so big in my arms? I was shocked when I looked at this picture.

BTW - She's 12 weeks old today!

Tummy ache

It feels so good when nurses come up to me and say "How'd the surgery go?" and I say "No need" and they say "No WAY!" EVERYONE seemed to know that she would be having eye surgery.. not might be having, but having. It's a good feeling.

Yesterday while I was holding her, she was looking so peaceful and so happy and out of nowhere, she started SCREAMING. I've never heard her really really cry before. It's usually a quick 30 second "stop bugging me" cry but this went on for like 10 minutes! We could not figure out what was wrong. After that 10 minutes, she seemed to calm down but mostly because she was exhausted from screaming and not because she was happy. I put the pacifier in her mouth but she wouldn't suck on it.. it just sat there in her small sad open mouth. I needed to pump so I ran down the hall real quick to relieve myself (it's funny when I put it that way... hehe) and when I came back there were 2 nurses at Darbi's bedside! They had figured out what was wrong with her... Because she let them know. So smart I tell you... While the nurse had her back turned.. Darbi ripped out her OG and OJ tubes.. She's SOOO sneaky! The nurses know that Darbi knows how to get them out so they try to watch her real close. AND she really really filled her diaper after that. She had pooped a total of 49 grams from 6am-4pm.. at 5:30, she pooped 51 grams at one time. She had a tummy ache.

This video is near the tail-end of her screaming episode.. She was getting tired at this point. We tried putting her on her tummy because she usually loves it. Not today.

Darbi's Eyes - workin' hard

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ok.. are you ready for this? I'm serious.. I am about to BLOW YOUR MIND. That's right.. just as we all prayed and fasted for (thank you all SO much..) Darbi does NOT. NEED. SURGERY. There really is nothing this little girl cannot do. The doctor told me that there was approximately a 2% chance that she would not need surgery. WOW.

The doctor came in to see her tonight around 9:15ish while I waited in the Parent Lounge. I came in after the Parent Network ladies came and told me they were done (with sly little smiles on their faces... they knew already.. I'm sure). I came to the hospital ready for the long haul in case surgery was tonight (aka: wearing my pj's... I'd actually been in them all day...) and when I turned to corner to get to Darbi's bedside, my nurse turned to me and said NO SURGERY!! I couldn't believe her! I was giddy!! I ran out into the hallway to call Clint and look for the eye doctor to get his official report. For those of you who understand the details of ROP, she was in Zone 2, Stage 2 and had gotten to that point rather rapidly. The doctor was expecting it to be further into Zone 2, possibly Zone 1 and when he came to check on her, she was still the same. Zone 2, Stage 2. He said that this was excellent news. Her body has stopped the ROP progression which means that it will likely get better. Surgery is not needed and he will come in to check her again Friday or Saturday.

I have been stressing about this whole eye ordeal since last Wednesday, when we first learned about it, and now I feel SO much better. I was able to go grocery shopping on my way home and actually think about grocery shopping!! I'm a little exhausted from worrying about it all day and cannot wait to go to sleep. I am SO proud of my little girl! This day is perfect but the only thing to make it better would be a weight gain of 3 pounds.. Not going to happen today. But I wouldn't put it past her for another day. ;)

POST #100

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here's the skinny: The doctor didn't come to check on her again last night. Our nurse called the doctor and he said that he will be coming tonight to check on her and that we all misunderstood him. He's just coming to check on her tonight and if she needs surgery, he'll do it Wednesday or Thursday. I don't know what to make of that. Either he got busy and changed his story to make it look like he didn't have time to come check on her or he really is trying to give her eyes time to fix themselves. When I talked to him last Wednesday, he made it seem like her case was extremely serious and immediate surgery would be required. It's kind of stressing me out that we are taking so long to check them again. I wonder if maybe it's because her eyes are going to fix themselves that the doctor couldn't come last night and is going to come tonight and they will be better. I don't know.. Maybe I'm just being too hopeful. Maybe that blessing Clint gave her on Friday is doing amazing things for her.. Maybe I just have a lazy eye doctor. I don't know. So I'll be at work until later this afternoon when he will come to check on her. He never gives us a time frame. Sometimes it's 3 in the afternoon... sometimes it's 8:30 at night. The nurses said that sometimes he will even do the surgery at 11:00 at night.. It's so hard because everything is so up in the air.. I just want some definite answers. So I'm glad my nurse last night got a hold of him. I hope Darbi's working hard of fixing those eyes of hers!

New bed

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Darbi got a new bed yesterday! Another baby was born that needed her Giraffe (the name of the bed) so they moved her to a similar isolette. The top doesn't come up but the sides fold down. Another 150 grams to go and she can be moved to a regular crib! Today we took over a quilt that my Aunt Amy made for Darbi (THANKS AMY!!!) and placed it over her isolette. The really nice thing about it is that the underside of the blanket is black and helps to keep out any extra light. The entire South side of the NICU is windows and lately the weather has been so nice and sun-shiny bright so the nurses have been keeping the blinds open. It gets so bright so this way Darbi can get some sleep and grow! We love it!

Eye appointment tomorrow is still a go and the nurses said they are anticipating the surgery to be either tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.

We went in this morning for some snuggle-time and she was l-o-v-i-n-g it! She was out cold.. and she had happy numbers! (which means she's being good and healthy...)

ROP update

Friday, March 20, 2009

Clint and his old roommate Ben went in today to give her a blessing to help her through this surgery. She needs to be intubated again and we're hoping for a quick rebound off of it. The eye doctor came in today to check her eyes again with the expectation that they would be worse and surgery would be required today. Her eyes are the same. The SAME. Which is actually really good! He postponed surgery to Monday. He didn't want to do surgery in case her eyes miraculously fixed themselves (which can rarely rarely happen). He will check her again Monday and we will go from there (with probable surgery). This girl, with the help of the Lord through the blessings from Clint, has proven herself capable of just about anything and I'm really hoping and praying for the eyes to fix themselves. I know it's EXTREMELY far fetched but I've got 2 1/2 days of prayin' to do so we will see.

ROP fo' sho'

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Darbi had her 4th eye exam today and much to my dismay... she has ROP. :( Apparently it is pretty severe.. But I really don't know that much about her case. Not severe enough to require the phrase "retinal detatchment" in its description but I know enough about ROP to ask some questions but not the important questions. The doctor said he will check her again on Friday (2 days - usually not good when the appointments are so close together) and will probably be doing laser eye surgery. If not Friday, then Monday or Tuesday (the surgery, I mean). The doctor said that the window of opportunity to do this surgery isn't very big so I'm super glad they caught it when they did. I don't know how far along it has progressed. I do know that the surgery will take 30-45 minutes per eye and is actually very painful for these little ones. They will be giving her a lot of pain meds and I hope she doesn't remember any of it.

He said that she will have "central" sight which is basically anything you can see out in front of you but he said that she may lose her peripheral vision.. So she'll be a dangerous driver someday.. She'll be joining every other horrible driver out there (if we live in UT.. ) which I'm crossing my fingers we don't.. sorry Clint :) I was hoping that it would be alright and hopefully correct itself (the ROP I mean.. not the drivers. There's no hope for them...) but he said that he's 98% sure she will need laser eye surgery.

She's still doing alright on her feedings. They fortified my milk to 22 cal and stopped giving her hind milk because my milk is so fatty that she's not absorbing all the calories that I am providing so it's just causing me more work. She is tolerating the 22 cal and I want to just stop there. The doctor today said he wanted to jump to 24... I said NO. She's doing fine... Let's leave her there. And I found out today that they have her on like 15 different meds throughout the day! I don't even know what they are!! All that medication PLUS more fortification that we are not sure she can handle, I know will be too much for her little body. So we're trying to just keep her stable for her ominous upcoming eye surgery.

On a funny note, Clint and I went in tonight to help give her a bath and she kept pooping in her bath water!! We cleaned it up, changed her water, and started all over again.. We were afraid of another mini water bomb but she just decided to keep passing gas and she had Clint doubled over laughing so hard! He couldn't believe such loud (and proud) sounds could be coming from his sweet teeny-tiny little girl! Pretty funny...

Weight today = 1635 grams

A note from Darbi

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Hillman!!

Little quirks

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lately, Darbi has been occupying her time trying to find different ways to get the tubes out of her mouth. She's getting really good at gripping things once they are in her hand so she will rub her hands around on her face until she gets something good. Occasionally it's a eyeball or an ear but she will often get lucky and a tube will find its way wound through her tiny little fingers. Once she gets that far, she will thrust with all her might to get whatever it is she's got a hold of away from her face (or out of her mouth in this case...). She has already pulled her OJ tube out once and has almost completed the task a number of times since.. The obvious solution would be to just swaddle her really well in a blanket and keep her hands tied up. It worked for a little while until she would wiggle and free one hand and start all over again. The nurses would swaddle her even tighter and even place her on her tummy so she couldn't get them out that way. Well... Darbi has evolved... We've tried to place as many obstacles in her way and of course... she decided to use the only resource left that we can't tie down... her tongue. Yes... She can maneuver the tubes out of her mouth WITH HER TONGUE!!! She's got us all stumped. Having a binky in her mouth makes it better but who is going to sit there and make sure the binky stays in her mouth?? Here's the solution we came up with tonight... She's too smart for her own good. If that tube comes out, no food for her. If she keeps biting the tube that feeds her... well.. I don't know. She's still going to get fed I guess. The only punishment I guess is more tape..

In the video, she is trying so hard to get those tubes out with her tongue. She's got spit everywhere!! Sorry if the video makes you sick.. I was trying to video her and watch her at the same time to make sure she didn't grab a hold of them and yank.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

How fragile life, how certain death. We do not know when we will be required to leave this mortal existence. And so I ask, “What are we doing with today?” If we live only for tomorrow, we’ll eventually have a lot of empty yesterdays. Have we been guilty of declaring, “I’ve been thinking about making some course corrections in my life. I plan to take the first step—tomorrow”? With such thinking, tomorrow is forever. Such tomorrows rarely come unless we do something about them today.

--President Thomas S. Monson

Mercydez has returned to our Heavenly Father. Please keep this sweet family in your prayers.

Blessing Day

Saturday, March 14, 2009

She has a name! It's official! My *awesome* roommates found this dress at The Quilted Bear in a booth for doll clothes!! It was so perfect! It fit her so well and she looked adorable in it! It was such a perfect day. There were sweet little slippers and a bonnet that went with it. We didn't use the bonnet because I had a headband for her but I'll have to find a doll that I can put the clothes on so she can have it. She didn't fuss at all for the whole ceremony. She was an absolute angel!

Check out the tag!!

Getting her dressed

Grandma Gretchen & Grandma Pam

Great-Grandma Linda, Grandma Gretchen, Grandpa Blair, Uncle Jed, Audrey, Darbi, Grandpa Dave, Clint, Uncle Chad, Aunt Beth, Uncle Kade, Grandma Pam, (Aunt) Kelsey :), Brother Humphries


First time with a BIG GIRL binky

First time in pj's

Pretty round head

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hopefully we're back on the cannula... for good..

Fatty milk, bath time, and new clothes

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Mom flew into town this morning and her and my grandma made it down to the hospital around 3ish today. I was supposed to meet with the Lactation team today because they wanted to check my hind milk for the number of calories it contained. So normally we drink 1% or 2% milk, right? My fore milk (the milk pumped before the hind milk) is 9% and my hind milk is 17%!!! Crazy huh?? And here's the kicker.. My milk, when pumped regularly, is 20 calories per serving. They were fortifying it to 26 calories per serving. Only 6 more calories.. not too much but it was enough to make her sick. My milk... 49 calories!!!!! And it doesn't make her sick. The Lactation nurse said that is probably the fattiest milk she's ever seen!! Awesome but at the same time.. what am I doing that is making it so fatty?? But I'm not changing my diet because whatever I'm doing is working. That means I get to stick with my 44 oz. DP's every day!! She better gain some serious weight now. Darbi's nurse also said that your body knows what the baby needs because they've been in the body so long. The body will adjust to accommodate... meaning... she gets fattier milk because she needs to gain weight!! My body is so smart.. I love that.

This morning when I called, the nurse said that Darbi's PICC line had gone bad and her leg was all swollen and sore. I hadn't even noticed it. What a bad Mom I am... she relies on me to watch for that stuff.. Anyway, while I was there holding her, it dawned on me that with no PICC line.. no IV... she can have a real bath!! Submerged in water! We made a plan to dunk her around 7:30. She LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I was a little worried as this is a completely new experience for her. She cried a little at first and but you could tell she was SO relaxed. She slept so good when we were done.. She was out cold.

I love how saggy my pants are. :) Time to get new smaller ones!!

Guess who finally can wear clothes!! It looks tiny... It STILL doesn't fit her!!

Ok.. I guess it does a little.. It fits her length... her shoulders get lost though.

My sweet sleepy girl.

heartburn extravaganza

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Late night dinner?
Early morning breakfast?
You decide.

This is what we do without a baby in the home. I'm sure things won't change when she gets here. :) And yes.. it was 1:15 in the morning.

Falling over... or rolling over??

Preliminary results from the gastro-enema something-or-other test that Darbi had today shows that her intestines are looking normal! Official results will be in tomorrow. Tonight she weighed 1605 grams! 3 pounds 8 ounces!! The nurse said that 200 more grams and she can legally take a ride in a car seat! Only problem... she needs to learn to eat. That's probably going to keep us here for a while. Still.. our goal is April 25th (my due date) and we're 6 1/2 weeks away. We will see...

Today, Darbi did a very grow up baby thing.. I'm not sure if we should record this as a first but WE WILL!! She rolled over today... Rolled over!! Yes, I said it... ROLLED OVER!!!! After her little enema ordeal, Darbi was pretty upset from being probed and poked and so the nurse put her on her tummy as that seems to be where is is happiest (other than Mommy's arms...). She closed the isolette and put the blanket over her to shield the light and left her for a bit while she tended to her other baby. She came back and she was on her back and laying sort of diagonally... ON HER BACK!! When they place her on her tummy, they put a rolled up cloth diaper under her so she has something comfy to form her body against and I'm sure that with all of her wiggling that helped give her something to push off of... or just roll off of. Either way.. she rolled.. so I'll take it as a first.

Bringin' back the 80's baby

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Miss Darbi aka Cyndi Lauper wanna-be!
She is so rocking the hot pink biker glove!
Please no pictures.. this girl's just gotta have fun!!

I have so many pictures of her that to the regular person (ie:not me) they all start to look the same. I have to try and have a different take on many of the same pictures! Forgive my quirky-ness. :)

Darbi is on milk... Clint is on crack

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am SO frustrated. For a number of reasons. The biggest one is that pumping is just about to get even MORE frustrating!!! I was in a rhythm of pumping and had a basic schedule going. NOW, they only want to use my hind milk to feed Darbi. This is actually a very good thing for her and I'm extremely happy to do it. It just makes it much much harder for me to get ANYTHING done. Hind milk is the creamiest, fattiest part of the milk that only comes in near the end of each pumping. The morning is the least fatty so that stuff goes straight to the freezer after each pump. Starting around noon everyday, I have to pump for about 5-7 minutes, stop, change bottles, and finish the last 13-15 minutes trying to get as much milk as possible. The reason it is so frustrating is because my first letdown (the 5-7 milk) comes out fast and there is a ton of it. Once I switch bottles, there is maybe half of the amount that I just barely pumped. This "hind" milk is all they will be feeding Darbi for a while until we can get back onto fortified milk. So after every single time I pump, unless there is enough for more than one feeding, I have to run it down to the hospital for her next feeding. So basically my day is a cycle of pump, stop, pump, run to hospital, run home from hospital, work on something for maybe an hour, pump, stop, pump, run to... etc. ARGH!!! This will only last for about 2-3 days until I get a good supply of hind milk built up at the hospital. But then, this will all start over again once they start going up on the amount of milk she gets every feeding. And she said that I have to eat more fish... NOT going to happen. So I will be taking fish oil pills to fix that little disgusting issue.

Darbi is having an OJ tube placed right now, as I type this. An OJ tube goes in her mouth, down her esophogus, past her tummy, and into her small intestines where the milk will end up. I was a bit nervous when the doctor told me this because the procedure for placing this tube is very similar to how they tried to place the first tube that punctured her esophogus. I told her to be VERY VERY VERY careful!!

Then, tomorrow she is having a gastric enema study done (not sure if that's really what it is called but it's good enough...) It's supposed to be at 10AM and they will be putting a dye through her intestines to make sure that they are structurally and funtionally working properly. The doctor said he doesn't think they will find anything major but it's just to check.

Clint's update -- She still has no hair; she's got a good firm handshake.. like a crab;
She loves her mommy; she loves her daddy more (don't tell mommy); she told me she can't wait to get bigger because she can't wait to play dodgeball and tetherball... but no softball. She doesn't want to be one of those girls. She's so smart and has so much to say.. we have a lot of daddy/daughter bonding time when we have our long chats. She's not a smart cookie because she's bigger than a cookie.. more like a smart hogie.. I wonder if she'd stay warm wrapped up in a hogie bun... Hmm..

He didn't type that.. I just now asked him if I was forgetting any updates on Darbi and he started rambling off all of this stuff so I just starting writing it all down. I think he's a little loopy from his cold meds.. He cracks me up!!

3 steps forward & 1 step back

Sunday, March 8, 2009

That's right.. My sweet girl is back on the CPAP. The cannula wasn't doing a very good job at keeping her lungs all the way open and it was wearing her out a bit. When I came to the hospital today she was very very fussy so the nurse sat me right down and put her in my arms. She calmed down so quick! Made me feel so good!! We snuggled for about 2 hours.. She's had a taste for what life is like without an elephant nose and I'm thinking this second time on the CPAP won't last long. I hope she can get her act together. Last night, the doctor informed us that she really does have an infection. Antibiotics were started yesterday and hopefully it will kick it. The doctor mentioned something about NEC and I had a minor panic attack. If she has NEC, we may need surgery which means another trip to Primary. I say NO WAY. I don't think it is that bad because she's still getting milk and digesting it just fine which is a good sign. I think we will just be waiting a day or two to see how she reacts to the antibiotics.

Feeding issues

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We are having feeding problems again. :( They placed her on 22 cal fortifier and it made her sick; more spitting up, more brady spells. We know she has acid reflux pretty bad so they will start her on some medicine for that. We will skip one feeding, give her some suppositories, clean her out and start over with the feedings. We will be on strictly mother's milk.. NO fortifier. They will also give her some arithromiocin (too lazy to check the spelling on that one..) because I guess that antibiotic is supposed to help stimulate her intestines. The doctor is also worried there may be an infection because her bowels aren't working as well.. They ALWAYS think there is an infection. There NEVER has been one. Better safe than sorry I guess. They will do some blood tests and on Monday or Tuesday they will do a Lower GI study to make sure her intestions are functionally and structurally working properly. The cannula is still working really well for her. On the lower settings, she was kind of getting worn out so they turned up her flow. Yesterday she weighed 1460 grams so she is still gaining weight despite all the feeding problems we are having.

Other than all of that... I still have a pretty cool kid.. so look at her. :)

I'm off to try and find a teeny-tiny white blessing dress for her... and a the teeniest cutest headband ever!