heartburn extravaganza

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Late night dinner?
Early morning breakfast?
You decide.

This is what we do without a baby in the home. I'm sure things won't change when she gets here. :) And yes.. it was 1:15 in the morning.

6 Wisecracks:

The Thueson's said...

Mmmmm! I'm not gonna lie, that looks delicious!!!

Ry Guy said...

Yummy. We were both starving at about that same time last night. Maybe we should have thought of that.

Becky Bean said...

Maybe we shoulda crashed your house and stolen your yummy pizza toasties!!

Megan B said...

Mmmmmmm..... MMMMMMmmmm.... a girl after my own heart. And my own ample butt.

PS, my word verification on this is "oven cult". Interesting.

The Hansens said...

MMMm that looks good! Love seeing the updates and how well Darbi is doing! 3 lbs! That is wonderful

The Robisons said...

Have you checked out Tara's post today? That picture just looks all too familiar. Ü