Feeding issues

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We are having feeding problems again. :( They placed her on 22 cal fortifier and it made her sick; more spitting up, more brady spells. We know she has acid reflux pretty bad so they will start her on some medicine for that. We will skip one feeding, give her some suppositories, clean her out and start over with the feedings. We will be on strictly mother's milk.. NO fortifier. They will also give her some arithromiocin (too lazy to check the spelling on that one..) because I guess that antibiotic is supposed to help stimulate her intestines. The doctor is also worried there may be an infection because her bowels aren't working as well.. They ALWAYS think there is an infection. There NEVER has been one. Better safe than sorry I guess. They will do some blood tests and on Monday or Tuesday they will do a Lower GI study to make sure her intestions are functionally and structurally working properly. The cannula is still working really well for her. On the lower settings, she was kind of getting worn out so they turned up her flow. Yesterday she weighed 1460 grams so she is still gaining weight despite all the feeding problems we are having.

Other than all of that... I still have a pretty cool kid.. so look at her. :)

I'm off to try and find a teeny-tiny white blessing dress for her... and a the teeniest cutest headband ever!

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Aimee said...

Sorry to hear that - we're having feeding issues, too... so frustrating! BTW - she's just absolutely adorable! Good luck w/ your blessing dress search! :)