Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have hopes that one day I'll turn this blog into the actually happenings of our family on a regular basis but until then, I'm gonna keep posting things I passionately feel need to be shared with my blog world. (And represent how little time I spend cleaning my house/being a good housewife) :)


We LOVE Chuck in this house. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Maybe 2 days before Darbi came home from the hospital, Clint and I would spend any extra time (that was not spent at work, school, or the hospital) watching Season 1 & 2 of Chuck. I think I have myself a grown-up-lady-crush on Zachary Levi. He is the perfect mix of sexy nerd and when you get that man in a suit - he is perfectly Geek Chic. Which ironically is exactly what I consider Clint to be! Lucky me.. I married my very own "Chuck".
Look at that adorable Daddy my kid has. :)

Anyway. I found this on the internet a couple weeks ago. CHUCK can SING?!?! I love the tone of his voice.. So sweet.

And then I found this gem... and melted. Holy smokes. He's adorable!

Oh geez.. :)

Why my kid is so awesome!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clint had to put Darbi to bed while I was at Zumba. She is honestly the best kid when it comes to bedtime. Not that I have any other kids to compare her to but she's an angel! Normally, our routine is pj's, milk, she says "nigh-nigh" to Clint, I carry her upstairs, hand her the 2 "blankies" she loves, she snuggles on my shoulder for a few minutes, gives me a kiss, and I lay her down. She says "nigh-nigh, buh-bye, uh-ya (i love you)" and I walk out. Easy-peasy. It's really quite adorable.

Her bedtime is 8 and we're pretty good about keeping to it. But tonight I was kind of rushing to get to Zumba so I left Clint to hurry and get her to bed around 8:15. Of course, when Mama is gone, she gets a later bedtime. :) Clint gave her some milk, she drank about half of it and started playing quietly with some of her toys. So Clint asked her "Darbi, are you ready for bed?" She ignored him. So, of course, he let her play. Then.. about 15 minutes later (around 8:45), she stops playing, runs upstairs to her room and stops in the middle. She says "bups (whoops) blankie!", turns around and runs into our room and grabs her 2 favorite blankets, and runs back into her room and tries to climb into her crib! Crazy right?! Meantime, Clint is just following her around not saying anything!

She is SO AWESOME! She wouldn't even give Clint a hug or kiss before he laid her down. All things considered, she is the smartest kid!! Just so I remember.. these are some of the things she is saying (and the special way she pronounces them..) She says so much more but I just love how she says these things..

Hi lo - Hello
Bups - Whoops
Paca - Grandpa
Gigi- Grandma
Moe - More
Ow seye - Outside
Bickey - Mickey Mouse
Wish - Fish
By - Bite
Sa wish - Sandwich
Ry - Fry
Gok - Gonk (ouch)
TB - TV (I'm kind of ashamed of this one :) If Mickey isn't on the tv, she says "uh-oh, TB, uh-oh!"
Uh ya - I love you
I cuh wah - I color!
I jumpi - I'm jumping!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last year, I started doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred everyday and I lost 10 pounds in a month. A 28 minute workout that kicked my butt and I actually looked forward to it everyday because it was SO easy at the same time! Crazy right? Well.. then Darbi got RSV and we went into survival mode. I got off track. I gained it all back throughout the rest of the year plus a little even though I tried to get back in my old routine.

So this year, I said, I'm really gonna lose weight.. for reals! REALLY this time. Right?? I didn't have a plan. I lost nothing. Big surprise, I know. But then my sis-in-law told me about Zumba. I was super awkward the first time and I felt stupid but I learned that you don't look stupid even if you feel stupid! Does that make sense?? Who cares what I look like?! Everyone is doing the same thing and feeling great doing it! I'm SO in love with Zumba!! I go twice a week, and when I can squeeze it in (thanks to my Grandma's help!) I go 3 times a week. Maybe this sounds weird but I actually feel more confident because of it. And anytime I hear fun dance music on the radio I just want to move and dance! It's so good because now I dance all around the house while I'm cleaning and stuff. Kind of embarrassing but I don't care!! At least I'm burning calories. I've lost a little weight but I'm definitely on track to lose a ton more! And I don't care if it's just a fad and I'm jumping on the bandwagon. It's working and it's totally worth it.

And I want everyone to come with me! It's seriously SO FUN!!! It doesn't feel like a workout. I go every Tuesday and Thursday night from 8:30-9:30. Let me know if you want to go! The first time is free and YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT.