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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clint had to put Darbi to bed while I was at Zumba. She is honestly the best kid when it comes to bedtime. Not that I have any other kids to compare her to but she's an angel! Normally, our routine is pj's, milk, she says "nigh-nigh" to Clint, I carry her upstairs, hand her the 2 "blankies" she loves, she snuggles on my shoulder for a few minutes, gives me a kiss, and I lay her down. She says "nigh-nigh, buh-bye, uh-ya (i love you)" and I walk out. Easy-peasy. It's really quite adorable.

Her bedtime is 8 and we're pretty good about keeping to it. But tonight I was kind of rushing to get to Zumba so I left Clint to hurry and get her to bed around 8:15. Of course, when Mama is gone, she gets a later bedtime. :) Clint gave her some milk, she drank about half of it and started playing quietly with some of her toys. So Clint asked her "Darbi, are you ready for bed?" She ignored him. So, of course, he let her play. Then.. about 15 minutes later (around 8:45), she stops playing, runs upstairs to her room and stops in the middle. She says "bups (whoops) blankie!", turns around and runs into our room and grabs her 2 favorite blankets, and runs back into her room and tries to climb into her crib! Crazy right?! Meantime, Clint is just following her around not saying anything!

She is SO AWESOME! She wouldn't even give Clint a hug or kiss before he laid her down. All things considered, she is the smartest kid!! Just so I remember.. these are some of the things she is saying (and the special way she pronounces them..) She says so much more but I just love how she says these things..

Hi lo - Hello
Bups - Whoops
Paca - Grandpa
Gigi- Grandma
Moe - More
Ow seye - Outside
Bickey - Mickey Mouse
Wish - Fish
By - Bite
Sa wish - Sandwich
Ry - Fry
Gok - Gonk (ouch)
TB - TV (I'm kind of ashamed of this one :) If Mickey isn't on the tv, she says "uh-oh, TB, uh-oh!"
Uh ya - I love you
I cuh wah - I color!
I jumpi - I'm jumping!

7 Wisecracks:

Karalee said...

So cute. Joshua calls Grandpa "paca" sometimes too. He used to do it more, about a year ago.

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Adorable for sure! But I can't help wondering...why does she have a word for "fry?" Is she a cooking prodigee? Hehehe.

Anthony and Erin Mills said...

That is so cute! Liam is starting to talk too and I just love his little voice and how he says things! Darbi is so adorable!

Apocalypso aka Daphne said...

when was three I couldn't get he TV to turn on. My mom tells me I then said in a tiny, but angry voice, "dammit tv!" Thus began my spiral into heavy curse word usage and technologically motivated tantrums.

Kayley said...

That is pretty darn cute! Glenn told us the other day that he wanted to nap by leaning his head on his hand and going "ha-shew" or however you spell that sleeping sound we do. Anyway, it was pretty cute!

Heather Vincent said...

Gosh, I'm so jealous! I wish Paizlei was that easy to get to bed at night. We have a set bedtime for her and Hunter as well, but since Hunter told Paizlei there are "monster's on your top bunk", she will not go to sleep with the light on, AND insists on "mommy ay down wif me.". So. Much. Fun. NOT!!!!

Isn't it so much fun when they start talking? Paizlei, 2 years old, speaks better than Hunter, 4 years old. It's amazing to me, because she had the world against her being born 2 months early.

Holly Thaxton said...

she is soo so cute!! She really is a good girl . i thought Linkin was easy to put to bed but he's not as easy as she sounds!! You are a lucky Mommy! Darbi really is a little doll.