Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have hopes that one day I'll turn this blog into the actually happenings of our family on a regular basis but until then, I'm gonna keep posting things I passionately feel need to be shared with my blog world. (And represent how little time I spend cleaning my house/being a good housewife) :)


We LOVE Chuck in this house. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Maybe 2 days before Darbi came home from the hospital, Clint and I would spend any extra time (that was not spent at work, school, or the hospital) watching Season 1 & 2 of Chuck. I think I have myself a grown-up-lady-crush on Zachary Levi. He is the perfect mix of sexy nerd and when you get that man in a suit - he is perfectly Geek Chic. Which ironically is exactly what I consider Clint to be! Lucky me.. I married my very own "Chuck".
Look at that adorable Daddy my kid has. :)

Anyway. I found this on the internet a couple weeks ago. CHUCK can SING?!?! I love the tone of his voice.. So sweet.

And then I found this gem... and melted. Holy smokes. He's adorable!

Oh geez.. :)

2 Wisecracks:

Alisha said...

Well, you obviously haven't seen Tangled. He voices Flynn Rider and sings in that, too! Can you say SEXY?

Kayley said...

Oh my word! We LOVE Chuck too! We make a date of it every week and we make sure we watch it. I have never been a show-watcher, but we LOVE Chuck! I love each character--so perfect!