Sunroof Carwash DISASTER

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

See my wet shirt? Wanna hear a funny story? :) While we were in AZ, Mom's car got dirty. Did you know Costco has a seriously amazing carwash?! Well they do... so we took Mom's car through it. Darbi is terrified of any drive-through carwash so we pulled her into the front seat. Mom thought to take video.. unfortunately we stopped it too early. But BEFORE you watch it.. lemme tell you a story.
While Mom was videoing, I thought it would be kind of dark so I tried to turn the light on... but that happens to be right next to that stupid little button that opens/vents the sunroof. See where this is going?? So the sunroof's shade was closed and we couldn't see the window... So we continue on through the carwash and I keep looking up the make sure no water is coming in. I don't have a sunroof in my car and it was so dark so I didn't know if I really opened it or not. Then Mom stops recording... and simultaneously, I think how cool would it look out the window of the sunroof as we were going through the carwash?! Pretty cool right?! Then I could inconspicuously check to see if I had "vented" it earlier... pretty crappy logic, right? So I slide the shade open and start mildly panicking.. Mom catches on to my panicking... and tries to close the sunroof. Apparently she didn't know which button to push either because she OPENED THE SUNROOF IN THE CARWASH!!!! I totally blamed it on her but it was really my fault. :) It was like a waterfall!! Anyway.. here's the video. We didn't catch the waterfall action but around :51 you can see my face when I KNOW that the sunroof is open. :)

Spring Break Trip to AZ

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At the end of March, Darbi and I took a little trip down to AZ and left Clint to "study" and get ready for finals. Mostly I picked that weekend because the Tempe Art Festival was that weekend and Mom ALWAYS goes without me. I made it a point to be there for it. But mostly we just hung out and played with Darbi.

Mom took Darbi for a walk to see the ducks. Ignore those ugly townhouses in the background. They are full of cranky old people. I hate those buildings. Huge eyesore. But Darbi is cute. :)

Darbi & I at the Art Festival.

I could not get her to sleep in the pack n play Mom & Dad have so she shared the queen bed with me. We took naps together everyday and it was honestly the best part of my day! :) When we came home though, it was a huge pain getting her to sleep in her crib again.

Mom has this monkey hand puppet and usually any kid that sees it freaks out. Darbi loves it and even asks for it when we skype! It's so cute.

Related much?? Sheesh! This was at the hockey game...

I don't know where we were but she's cute here, right? :) and has some crazy long legs!

HA! Jed is a nerd.

Another boring picture post with no clever words. Sorry! It's late and it just needs to be posted.

Broccoli Blanching?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did you know you were supposed to BLANCH broccoli before you freeze it?! I had no idea! We used to always freeze our broccoli when we had extra. Every time we tried to cook it, it would taste disgusting. I was always so confused but Clint found this today: How to Freeze Broccoli

Did anyone else know this?!
We are SO eating more broccoli now...

First time in Vegas

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do you believe it?! This is happening right. now. I'm blogging. Be forewarned. Picture overload.

So in the middle of March, we decided to take a little trip down to Vegas. It was Clint's spring break and this was a huge deal for us because we never just take a vacation. It's always to go see family and spend time with them. And that is not a bad thing! At all!! But this time we got to just relax and sight see. With family. :) Jed & Jen met up with us and shared a hotel (to help with the cost!) :) and to have a blast with us!!

We drove down on Thursday afternoon and came back the following Sunday. So here we go:

When we got to Vegas, after checking out our awesome hotel (Planet Hollywood on the 31st floor!!!) we went out to find dinner. After walking the strip ON St. Patrick's Day (it was so crazy..) and feeling like I swept up the evils of Las Vegas with the hems of my pants, we stopped at Serendipity for dinner! We ordered take out and ate it on the patio. It was actually a pretty horrible experience - customer service-wise but the food was pretty good. Clint accidentally ordered a "bunless" double hamburger and it was hilarious!! We ordered their famous frozen hot chocolate and loved it!

These hand painted umbrellas were decorating the Bellagio ceiling and I kind love them! I though about doing something similar for Darbi's room.. maybe soon... maybe someday. I'm kind of lacking the motivation now.

Ok. This picture may look like nothing (and it kind of is) but right below and to the left of those bluish lights, is ASHLEY filming a one-on-one date for THE BACHELORETTE!!! Now I'm not a frequent Bachelor/Bachelorette watcher. I've seen maybe 3 seasons ever. I guess that's kind of a lot.
But we watched last season of The Bachelor and we got to know the girls and now I saw one in Vegas! And it's funny because we kept joking about how of all the helicopters taking tours over Vegas, one of them had to have a Bachelor/Bachelorette couple in them on a date for the show. We were so right!!! We walked past them while they were walking/talking and we might be on tv.. I'll be watching this season for sure. :)

Our view from our hotel room - ON THE 31ST FLOOR! :) I've never stayed in a real Vegas hotel-on-the-strip before. Can you tell. :)

Darbi being cute on our bed and playing hide and seek with Jed.

Looking at the view through her snazzy new sunglasses from Jen. Thanks Jen!

On day 2 (Friday), Clint, D, & I took a little white trash trip to the famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the show Pawn Stars. Does it seem like we watch too much tv. Because I think we do. :) Meh. They have so pretty cool stuff but we were there at like 5 so the "Pawn Stars" weren't in. We bought Clint a keychain just because and I think this was the highlight of the trip for Clint. :)

The most awesome buffet deal ever = $54 a person (Darbi was free) and you get unlimited buffet admittance in 7 different buffets along the strip for 24 HOURS!!! It totally saved us so much money on food! We ate at the buffet 4 times & at 3 different hotels. Dinner @ Harrah's (kinda sucky), Breakfast @ Planet Hollywood (pretty good), Lunch @ Paris (AMAZING), and Dinner @ Paris again. It was THAT good! The plan was to hit the Rio for dinner but the Paris hotel was much closer.

Side note - all through my pregnancy (feels like a zillion years ago and like it lasted only a millisecond - because it kind of did) I craved crab, which is totally weird because I'm not a seafood person. Anyway. I ate a ton of crab.

Went to the Shark Reef @ Mandalay Bay. Darbi loved it! A bit pricey for tiny sharks. :(

Jed & Jen at the Paris for lunch (or dinner). Not sure.

Went to the M&M Factory. It was so pretty! We bought teal, pink, & purple M&M's.

Then we went to the Coke factory and tried the 16 Coke flavors of the world or something. It was fun and slightly disgusting! Worst flavor ever - The Beverly from Italy. I think there was dry heaving and tongue scraping involved. Yeah. Gross. We dared Clint to down the rest of the cup and he did. We didn't even give him anything for doing it. I felt kinda bad. OH it was so gross!

There were street performers dressed as both Elmo & Minnie Mouse. Two of Darbi's favorites. I didn't get a good picture of Darbi with Elmo but this is her looking at him. She makes his really high pitched sound when she screams "Elmo!!" It's so cute!

Almost all of the pictures of Darbi with her characters had Clint pointing at the camera like that. Silly boy..

Our last night there, we finally made a point to see the Bellagio Fountains. They were so beautiful! I would have loved to stay and watch more shows but it was already like 9:30 and Darbi was getting restless.

We had so much fun and we are already planning another trip there in August. Some geek hacker convention or something...

Touche for making it all the way down here. Unless you were on this trip or my parents, this was probably the most boring post ever. Sorry! :)

How to outsmart a kid the old fashioned way

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The kid just walks away!! HA!!