Call for boxes!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We need 'em! If you've got 'em, send 'em my way please! :)

We're moving!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We love our apartment and we have the most amazing landlords but it's time for us to move to a bigger space! Having a baby without a washer and dryer has been hard and Darbi needs more space to crawl. We found a super awesome apartment on KSL and will be on our way out soon!! Anyone looking for an apartment? It's a 2 bed/1 bath basement apartment and it's super new!! It's a great starter apartment for newlyweds and it's available June 1st! If you know of anyone interested in renting, shoot me an email with any questions and I'll refer you to our landlords!

New Smile

Old Smile = freakin' adorable... right?!

New smile = just plain goofy!! I don't know what changed...

But I love her anyway!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Clint gave Darbi 2 new nicknames.
(as in pinewood derby)
(as in Dobby from HP)

I'm going to smack him...

Easter Weekend in Photos

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jed came up for a quick visit and to see the Saturday Afternoon GC session... The dress is from Liz - Our super cute friend in Mexico!

Meeting the "gray cat" at Grandma Pam's

Dabbling in a little Easter chocolate...

Exploring Grandma Pam's kitchen floor.. She's got a 5 foot leash on so she can't go far. It's kinda nice. :)

Happy late Easter!

KOTM updated

It's obvious why I've been away from by blog... I don't nearly have enough time for it anymore it seems! I'm constantly fishing non-food items out of Darbi's mouth or making sure she's not getting into anything she's not supposed to be into. I really just chase her around all day now!! But I love it! Kids On The Move finally came out today to do their PT evaluation on Darbi. How come we waited so long to do this?! They are awesome! Even though Darbi has started to crawl, they want to stick around until she is 2 years actual because that is when she ceases to have an adjusted age.. according to them.

So next Tuesday we have another meeting to set goals for D like walking, speaking 15-20 words, doing signs, eating different foods.. blah-bity-blah. Thinks we'd like to see her doing in the next 6 months... then we'll really get crackin'. A lot of things I'd like to see Darbi doing in the next 6 months probably aren't realistic but she's pretty special so I wouldn't put it past her. I really really like our PT! She's super nice but also makes sure I know what she's doing, why she's doing it, and what she honestly thinks. I think this will be a great thing.. Darbi was a little sweetheart the entire time. Usually she'll shy up when meeting new people but she was BFF with our PT.

We'll get a full print out evaluation of where she is on the adjusted age chart next week I think.. I can't remember all of the details but our PT was super helpful. She is a little worried that Darbi has a sensory issue. So this week we will be getting down and dirty with her food. I hope she doesn't get too mad...

I'm embarrassed that I keep calling her "our PT" but I honestly, for the life of me, canNOT remember her name!!!! Don't tell her that... I'll pick it up one of these days. I think she may have left me a voicemail a few weeks ago. I should listen to that again...

On the move!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The first couple of days after she took the initial crawl.. Darbi kind of stuck to her little rug that we have in the living room. That's her familiar space and I'm not sure she realized she could venture into unknown territories. Yesterday she started to get brave and would try and follow me into the kitchen area (it's all the same room but I was on the other side of the bar). She did find our island full of pots and pans and that was her jackpot. It is now her favorite spot in the room!

She got stuck here under her bouncer and she was SO mad.. once again.. I grabbed the camera first. HA!

I know she has the same headband/bow in every picture... they are attached and I change them like every 3 days.. don't judge. :) It's cute.
She has a few bumps on her head but they are on the right side. They're hidden in this photo but I'm sure there's more to come! She's not really getting faster.. just more refined in her crawling movements. She is LO.VING. it!!