Books Books

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have a TON of posts in queue waiting to be written and posted but I have to get this out. I love books. I love 'em!! Nap time = Mommy's reading time. I just read the most amazing book and I really need to share it with everyone. The Maze Runner by James Dashner Very similar to The Hunger Games. I won't get into it right now but if you haven't read this book (either one really)... we can't be friends. Go read it. Now. Do it. I wonder if admitting that I love TMR makes me seem really nerdy. I don't care. I really love a good story. A stay-up-far-too-past-my-bedtime-book is the best kind of book!

After reading TMR, I had to check out Dashner's site to see when the next book will be coming out. (The Scorch Trials comes out 10/12) I think I want to be friends with this guy. :) His thoughts on the movie Inception are exactly how I feel! If you haven't seen this movie yet.. we definitely can't be friends. Or maybe if you take me with you to see it, we can still be friends. :) LOVE that movie.

Other thoughts:
Mockingjay came out today. I haven't started it because I know it's the last book of the Hunger Games series and I'm a tad sad about it... but I'm crackin' it open right after I hit publish tonight!! Note on how popular this series is: the book came out today remember... Orem library right now has 179 REQUESTS for that book and it came out TODAY!!!! That's how good it is. Sheesh.

It's 11 at night and I'm making Clint read the first chapter of The Maze Runner so he'll be hooked and read it. :) I'm terrible.

Her First Steps

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Darbi took her very first steps today!! FOR REAL!!! I called Clint 3 minutes before he was leaving for work to give him the good news. He was so mad he wasn't there for it but she showcased her talent when he got home and we have some juicy baby step videos for you! In this first one, she's walking funny and not picking up her right leg. Just so you know, she doesn't do that all the time.

4th of July

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Apparently I didn't take very many pictures on our little trip to Wyoming for the 4th of July. When Mom is around, I let her do all the work! :) We drove up to Lander, WY and celebrated with my Mom's whole side of the family. Her cousin puts on a big fireworks show every year and it was pretty cool. I think we may have brought back bed bugs from the hotel we stayed in though. :( The pest control people are coming out on Friday. I'm grossed out every time I go to bed. ICK.

Me & D

Grandpa & Darbi

Great Aunt Amy & Darbi

My Mama & her sibs.. (oldest to youngest) They're a fun bunch! :)

NICU Reunion #2

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back in June, super Mama Megan threw a little lunch for a bunch of us NICU grads. At one time or another, all of these babies were in the same hospitals. We had a fun time figuring out all of our NICU time lines and how we overlapped in our hospital stays. It was the first time I was able to meet Heather and the second time I met Kelli. (We met briefly at the first NICU reunion). These women are AMAZING. I'm so glad we had this little get together to showcase all of our miracle babies with each other. Megan made the most incredible baked ziti and I am both ashamed and glad that I had 3+ servings. :) AND I brought some home to Clint.

All the cuties!

Paizlei - We never met sweetheart Paizlei at UVRMC but Heather and I connected through Megan and the blogosphere.. Blogging is a wonderful thing!

Paizlei & Crew - Crew needs no introduction. Darbi and her cute boyfriend go way back. :)

I love my little girl.. The tiny mouth and the surprised eyebrow raise get me all the time!

Whit. Whit and Reese (below) are twins. I wasn't able to meet these two cuties in the hospital but Kelli found me online later when we realized we were in the same place at one time or another. (His skills with a fork were amazing to me Kelli! :)

Reese.. Twin to Whit.. Adorable. She reminds me a lot of Darbi, sizewise, but this little girl was walking and talking. I wanted her to rub off on D. :)

Heather & Paizlei - Kelli, Whit, & Reese - Megan & Crew - Audrey & Darbi

All of us cute Mama's and our babes. Our sweet sweet miracle babies. It was a blessing to have lunch with you ladies and we definitely need to do it again! :)
(I stole all these pics from you Megan.. :) Mine did not turn out AT. ALL. This Mama needs a new camera..)