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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have a TON of posts in queue waiting to be written and posted but I have to get this out. I love books. I love 'em!! Nap time = Mommy's reading time. I just read the most amazing book and I really need to share it with everyone. The Maze Runner by James Dashner Very similar to The Hunger Games. I won't get into it right now but if you haven't read this book (either one really)... we can't be friends. Go read it. Now. Do it. I wonder if admitting that I love TMR makes me seem really nerdy. I don't care. I really love a good story. A stay-up-far-too-past-my-bedtime-book is the best kind of book!

After reading TMR, I had to check out Dashner's site to see when the next book will be coming out. (The Scorch Trials comes out 10/12) I think I want to be friends with this guy. :) His thoughts on the movie Inception are exactly how I feel! If you haven't seen this movie yet.. we definitely can't be friends. Or maybe if you take me with you to see it, we can still be friends. :) LOVE that movie.

Other thoughts:
Mockingjay came out today. I haven't started it because I know it's the last book of the Hunger Games series and I'm a tad sad about it... but I'm crackin' it open right after I hit publish tonight!! Note on how popular this series is: the book came out today remember... Orem library right now has 179 REQUESTS for that book and it came out TODAY!!!! That's how good it is. Sheesh.

It's 11 at night and I'm making Clint read the first chapter of The Maze Runner so he'll be hooked and read it. :) I'm terrible.

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Aimee said...

So, a dozen-plus people told me to read Twilight... I resisted for a long time, and then I tried. And now it's 200 pages of my life I'll never get back. Ever.

I keep seeing all kinds of buzz on The Hunger Games... and in the last couple of days, The Maze Runner.

Please tell me they're better than Twilight?? Because I'm definitely intrigued...

Danielle said...

Blast, we can't be friends at all. I haven't read The Maze Runner or seen Inception. I was really liking being your friend too. Ha ha. I guess I'd better get cracking and get that books. I'm signing up for good reads as we speak.
P.S. Do come over this week! I would love that!

Heather said...

Do you have Hunger Games? I haven't read it but I would love to! All the copies at the library are checked out, I checked last night!

Alisha said...

I hadn't heard about either of them until I read this post. I bought the first Hunger Games and The Maze Runner and read them both in 2 days. THANK YOU! I love them. Adam just finished The Maze Runner and he loved it, too.