Have you ever wondered??

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clint found this today and showed it to just before we went to bed tonight... I was laughing SO. HARD. I had to share... since I'm wide awake now!

If you click on the comic strip, it animates in a new window. Which makes it SO much funnier!!

What's for dinner?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lately I've been trying to recipes for dinner to get me excited about cooking. Against all that Clint and other family members will say, I can cook. I just don't like to. Also, my Grandma Hillman laughs at me because anytime she makes anything, I ask her which box it came out of. :) She hates that! Then she yells at me and gives me all her yummy made-from-scratch recipes. But
I hate doing all the prep and I especially hate cleaning up. Which is odd because once I'm in the mood to clean, you can't stop me. I'll clean and organize everything in sight. Also odd, once I get everything ready, and I'm in the middle of cooking, I don't mind it at all. I think because the end is in sight and that means a full tummy with super yummy food. I just have to keep that in mind when it comes around to dinnertime and I need to be a better meal planner. Anyway.. here are a few things we've tried lately..

Pasta with Bacon and Mushrooms
This one is a Pioneer Woman recipe. It was pretty good.. My mistake was to mix the sauce with the entire 1 lb. bag of angel hair pasta. Don't do that. It will just taste like pasta. Either I skipped that part of the recipe or maybe I really can't cook! It was ok. Clint and I really liked it but we might leave the bacon out next time.. If we make it again.

Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas
These were AWESOME. They came from a website my friend Amy found and she's tried a bunch of other recipes on this site and has had super luck with them. PLUS it's super low cal IF you follow the recipe. :) We just used green enchilada sauce from a can and I didn't add cilantro or scallions to the top. ALSO, I didn't have green chilies so I borrowed some jalapenos from my neighbor (thanks Stephanie!) and they were CAR-AZY good! And hot... from both ends. :( TMI. Remember, I'm watching out for you. :) I'm DEFINITELY making these again. Probably with chilies next time, as per Clint's request. ;)

Thai Chicken Pasta
This has become one of mine and Clint's ALL TIME FAVORITE meal. We try to make it at least once a week. It's SOOOO yummy. It calls for 1 tsp of Chili Garlic Sauce and we add quite a bit more. We like a little spice.. just not as much as the enchiladas with the jalapenos. :)
Also, ANYTHING from this website is good. Megan only posts 5 star recipes that she's tried and had success with and I LOVE IT. Thanks Megan!

Brushed and Baked BBQ Chicken Rolls
These sandwiches are to die for!! I took them to one of the girls I visit teach after she had her baby and she immediately texted me demanding the recipe. :)
Let me know if any of you try any of these and what you think! I hope you like them!!

Lucky Find!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lookie what I found at the DI today!! I LOVE it!! It's a dresser but we are going to sand it down and paint it some kind of grey/white combination and use it as our entertainment center! I'm not sure how old it is but there is a Bassett Furniture brand burned onto the inside of one of the drawers. It's smells like old lady perfume and I won't be able to finish it until it warms up. It's going to be a little ugly/smelly in my living room for a while but I don't care! We might take out the two top drawers on each side and make them shelves so that our cable box/wii/dvd player can fit easily. If you open the white panel in the middle, there are 3 drawers behind it. Perfect for Clint's ugly wires that I find all over the house. Perfectly contained! Any advice on how to go about this? I've never done this before... any other thoughts on paint color/design?? I'm open to other ideas.

Darbi's Fan Club

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

While I was in AZ, I went to church with Paca & Gigi (darbi's words.. not mine :) in my old ward. I love that ward. I feel like I don't have to introduce myself when I go but there are always so many new people! Throughout our "family crisis" our blog was our means of communication with everyone who wanted to know the goings-on. I was too stressed out to talk to anyone on the phone, not to mention talking about the whole ordeal made my blood pressure sky rocket.. so this blog is my way of still keeping those interested in Darbi's progress updated! Anyway... On Sunday, I was attacked by Toni's little girl who reads this lil' blog more faithfully than probably anyone else!! Caitlin is Darbi's number one fan and I love it!! She is seriously the most adorable young woman! AND she offered to babysit next time I'm in town. CAITLIN - I'M SOLD. :) You got it sista! I think Darbi kinda likes you too. :)

Caitlin's older sister - Courtney

I love Darbi's smirk in the picture.

Kade's Last Day

Kade had to report back for Advanced Combat Training/Learn How to Fix an Airplane school... to make him awesome or something.. on the 4th so we went sledding on the 3rd. It was SO. DANG. COLD. We all lasted only 45 minutes but Darbi LOVED it. We bundled her up super tight and got some cute pictures out of it.

Kade & Kelsey

This was the best family picture we could get! Darbi was so distracted.

Look at that big smile on my kid's face!

Cold red nose. :(

New Year's Resolution

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yeah. And to blog more. :)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My baby turns 2 today! Things are so normal for us now and I'm loving it! In keeping with small traditions, we took Darbi to get a quick picture taken at The Picture People. Last year was the Kiddie Kandids nightmare. Studio photographers are quick and easy and that's what works for us when we're on vacation! She was kind of cooperative but mostly not. We got a few good shots and we only had to pay for the CD of pictures with the copyright release. I was SUPER happy about that! Today we went to dinner and taught her how to say "Happy Birthday!" which comes
out as "Happy Buh!" and "I'm two!" which comes out as just right!! She's such a little sponge right now. She tries to say anything I ask her to and remembers a lot of it! Best part about these pictures compared to last years... NO OXYGEN! I wanted a bow on her pretty little head but she rips them off so fast now. Most days she looks like a boy and sometimes even gets called one WHILE she's wearing pink. People are so dumb... Tomorrow we are having cake and opening presents and Monday is her birthday party in Utah with Clint and his family! Spoiled little girl gets a birthday weekend but I'm okay with that!