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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

While I was in AZ, I went to church with Paca & Gigi (darbi's words.. not mine :) in my old ward. I love that ward. I feel like I don't have to introduce myself when I go but there are always so many new people! Throughout our "family crisis" our blog was our means of communication with everyone who wanted to know the goings-on. I was too stressed out to talk to anyone on the phone, not to mention talking about the whole ordeal made my blood pressure sky rocket.. so this blog is my way of still keeping those interested in Darbi's progress updated! Anyway... On Sunday, I was attacked by Toni's little girl who reads this lil' blog more faithfully than probably anyone else!! Caitlin is Darbi's number one fan and I love it!! She is seriously the most adorable young woman! AND she offered to babysit next time I'm in town. CAITLIN - I'M SOLD. :) You got it sista! I think Darbi kinda likes you too. :)

Caitlin's older sister - Courtney

I love Darbi's smirk in the picture.

3 Wisecracks:

Heather said...

you should check this kitchen out!

Jenni said...

I LOVE DARBI! Audrey she is so darling. Hope things are going well! :)

Toni said...

Love it!!! I was in NYC last week when Caitlin & Courtney called me FREAKING OUT that they were mentioned on your blog. LOL Yes, you have TWO babysitters on call for the next time you visit. YOu and your mom can go get pedis and go to lunch!!