Little Darbi Came Early!

Friday, January 2, 2009

This is going to be short, but on January 1st, 2009 our OB/GYN decided that the pre-eclampsia that Audrey was experiencing was no longer controllable and decided to perform a C-section. The good news is that we had 72 hours to prep for it with steroids and various other medications to help Darbi after the birth. Darbi was born at 12:44 PM and was immediately rushed to the NICU. She is doing really well and is responding to treatment incredibly well. When she was born, she weighed 444 grams, 1 gram shy of a pound which is pretty much what the doctors told us she would weigh.

Audrey is doing very well now that she is off of the magnesium drip (to avoid siezures). She is up and walking about now and is able to eat solid foods now.

We will post more, but our family needs some time to recuperate. Please keep praying for Darbi though. She has a long way to go...

Here's a picture to hold you over :)

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The Howick Family said...

bless your hearts! We've been praying REALLY hard for you guys and Liz Kilburg wanted me to let you know that they have been praying hard too out there in Iowa for you! We wish you the best and look forward to all the udpates we can get!

Alisha said...

Hey Audrey,

Amy told me what had happened and I just want you to know that Adam and I are praying for you guys. Good luck with everything! Oh, and I love Darbi's name. :)


Andre, Melissa and Jolie said...

she is so precious! My mom and I have been so worried about audi and the baby! I am glad that both mom and baby are doing well. We are keeping you in our prayers. We can't wait for more updates on sweet little Darbi!

Daniel and Shari Romney said...

My family and I will continue to pray for your sweet little family. Darbi is so precious. We hope that everything will run smoothly in Audrey's recovery and in Darbi's growth and development. Thanks for keeping posted!!
With love- Shari Miller Romney!!

Alicia said...

i really sorry what is happenig but you know something??? no matter what happens, you have to be strong our heavenly faner never give us a proofs that we can not resist, you have to have faith i am sure everything is gonna be alright. i send you all my support and all your family are always in my prayers.

i know you can do it, you are a wonderful girl and God really loves you, dont give up.