Darbi's First Road Trip

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We got a call this morning from Dr. Ogden about Darbi. In the course of putting a feeding tube into her stomach, her esophagus was punctured. They say that it is very serious. They just bundled her up and transported her to Primary Children's Hospital. They aren't necessarily going to do surgery, but they want her up there just in case she needs emergency surgery. Primary Children's is the only place in the state that has the surgeons needed for this type of case, but as long as Darbi can avoid infection, her body should repair the puncture on it's own. She will be up there for at least a few weeks until this puncture is repaired, her PDA is taken care of, and she is stable. At that point, they will transport her back down to UVRMC. Jon Standing, my elders quorum president, came down to help me give Darbi a blessing just before the move. Thanks Jon! We are praying harder than ever for Darbi.

Audrey continues to stay in the hospital with blood pressure problems. It has come down a lot though from where it was. We are hoping that she will get released today.

The doctors will be calling us later today to give us an update on Darbi from Primary Childrens.

This is a picture of Darbi all bundled up during transport.

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The Howick Family said...
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The Howick Family said...

oh, I'm so sad! Little Darbi will pull through like the trooper that she is... And of course, I'm sure it's so hard, now she's farther away from you, especially since Audrey is in a completely different hospital. Wow! If I could go visit her for you, I would - she's only a few minutes from me, but I'm sure they wouldn't allow a non-relative person to see her. You all continue to be in my prayers!