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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sorry for the lag on the posting.. I totally was going to post last night then we had some complications on mommy's part (that would be me.. the mommy). Darbi is doing great by the way.. So to recap yesterday, Clint left for school around 7:30 in the morning and I basically just hung out in my room until he got home. My doctor came in and told me that we're still looking for the correct "recipe" of medication that will take my blood pressure down and I probably WON'T be going home yet. BUMMER. Oh well I said.. I'm close to Darbi and out of the snow.

So around 4:00 Clint, the nurse, and I decided it was time for my shower (it had only been 2 days.. c'mon..). That took about an hour because they had to tape up the 2 IV's I had.. yes. 2!! Why 2?? They alternate which one the medicine goes in so the other one doesn't get jealous.. ridiculous... Anyway, one is on my left elbow which meant that arm would not bend and the other is on my right wrist which meant that elbow would bend but not the wrist. It was pretty funny while I tried to shave my legs and wash my hair with much help from Clint. I'm glad I can be positive about this... but really. It was FUNNY.

So.. after my shower, we went up to see Darbi before the shift change and her nurse said that she hadn't had to adjust her levels at all which was a really good sign and she was just sleeping, hopefully dreaming happy dreams. So we went back to my room and waited for Jed to come. He was driving up to go snowboarding with some of his friends and was going to stop by to see his new niece.

Anyway.. around 6:00 my nurse comes in and tells me they want to move me to ICU. ICU???? Isn't that where all the comatose or dying patients are?? I am NEITHER I told them. Then she said they were going to have to put an arterial IV in and it would probably go IN MY NECK!!!! Needless to say, my blood pressure sky rocketed. The nurse felt so bad that she was making this worse for me. So then the HEAD of the entire ICU came in to talk to me.. apparently I'm important enough that I caught his eye. He settled my fears and said they would do the arterial line in my wrist. Not bad. I can handle that. So we get down to ICU and they put me in this room that is huge and has all the bells and whistles like in the movies when someone is dying, and they have me get on the bed. Let me tell you... ICU patients have it so nice... my bed fills up with air every 15 minutes! I'm sleeping on a fluffy cloud and it was the best night sleep I've gotten so far!

So anyway, the girl comes in to do my arterial line and apparently it's an entire surgical procedure where she has to "gown up" and become sterile and everything. She ended up NOT finding it and poked my artery 5 different times and they brought ANOTHER guy in to try and he poked that same side a few more times along with the other side 2 more times! I'm sick of getting POKED! So, while all this poking is going on, my BP was only 156/89!!! I needed a stressful situation to scare my blood pressure away! Apparently having a baby at 24 weeks isn't stressful enough. Whatever. Since they couldn't get into my artery (I guess it's crooked or something..) they decided NOT to put an arterial IV in so I have a BP cuff that goes off every 15 minutes. All that stress for nothing!

So. Now. I'm in ICU with a blood pressure of around 130/70 and they will probably move me up to another floor tonight and hopefully discharge me tomorrow. All these false discharge claims are starting to wear on me..

I'll post a Darbi update later today. I called up there and her blood sugars were a little low today so she's getting more blood and the doctor will do another echo on her heart today to make sure everything looks good. So.. maybe I'll be posting from a new room.. hopefully my OWN.. at my house!

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Troy and Kathy said...

LOL Audrey,
Maybe the head of the ICU did not come down because you were so important maybe he came down because you are so HOT!!!!

Alicia said...

hey hey audrey!!!

this is alicia i feel better now you are doing it better ,,,, and i agree with your friend jiji was so fanny!!!

by the way, yesterday i called to your house in arizona and i sent you greetings with your father also i send you my sopport ;)

bess you ;)

Bree :--) said...

Audrey!! Kurlee told me about what is going on, and sent me your blog address! I can't believe it. How scary. We will be praying for you guys...both of you. I sure hope you get outta there asap. Good luck!

Deidre said...

Poor thing. I hope it all gets under control so you can get out of the hospital. Thanks for the updates. I love how your blog sounds so you...I'm impressed that you can keep your sense of humor even with all that is going on right now.