Daddy's Ring

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today we boiled Clint's wedding ring in hot water before we left for the hospital so we could get a picture of Darbi wearing it. I love it because when she's older we'll be able to tell her that she was so small, she could wear Daddy's wedding ring on her thigh.

My idea of a baby's size and weight is skewed now because Darbi's neighbor at Primary is a sweet boy named Crew who weighs upwards of 3+ pounds and he looks like a full term baby. Darbi doesn't seem as small to me as she really is and this ring picture helps put her size into perspective.

They weighed her last night and she's at 530 grams. She's gained some weight but we're pretty sure it's just water. Give it time.

6 Wisecracks:

Daniel and Shari Romney said...

That is such a sweet picture! I love it! She is looking really good!
~Shari Romney

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! We are sure thinking of each of you and hoping Darbi and the two of you are hanging in there. We love each of you and are keeping you in our prayers. Lots of love, Rochelle, Brian, Chessa, Lindsey & Spencer Staley

Debbie, Taylor and Raygan said...

Wow, Darbi is really looking good!! That is an awsome picture, it is definately one that she will cherish as she gets older. We continue to pray for the three of you and can't wait to see Darbi. Love always, Debbie, Taylor and Raygan

sue said...

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your lives and the life of sweet little Darbi. We love you all so much and pray that all will continue to go well. I believe in miracles and know that we are surely witnessing many. Do you feel the angels near?
Love, Aunt Sue

The Howick Family said...

That is soooo amazing. She doesn't look that small but I took Brian's wedding ring and showed him how little she is, we're just in awe! Yea for Darbi for doing so well!

paul & ashlee said...

holy poop! she is really small. i love the posts...keep it up and we love you!