My shy girl...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Darbi got to meet her Great-Grandparents today! She was a little shy but she'll open up to them eventually. I just know it! She's gonna love them! They stopped by for a quick visit on their way through town and I'm so glad!

The doctor updated me real quick while we were up there and the reason her little plastic box is so foggy is because they are keeping the humidity in there at 70% because she's not responding well to temperature changes in the air around her. She's had a little bit of skin breakdown but it's not too bad and they've got some special ointment on her to help it heal. They also did a brain scan on her today and her brain is looking good with no bleeding!

I'm still in the hospital. My BP is still all over the place and they are going to do a kidney ultrasound on me today just to double check everything. I think my kidneys are fine because I have to go at least every hour there's plenty to go around. But we'll see how the next few days go.

2 Wisecracks:

Alison said...

The picture of the great-grandparents with Darbi is too cute. Your grandma's expression is priceless.

So glad to hear of the brain scan results.

Now... you get healthy and get home!!!

The Howick Family said...

Ahh... you're a trooper Audrey! Seriously! I can't imagine!!!