Happy 2 weeks Darbi!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday was Darbi's 2 week birthday! I am going to take a picture of her every week to see the change and already, in just 2 weeks, she is looking SO good!

Here she is the day after she was born. Her skin was so thin and they needed to use heat packs to help keep her warm. They even had her in a ziploc bag because that ensures the heat stays trapped near her body.

And here she was yesterday evening. Her skin has a much better coloring and she doesn't need the bili light anymore. She's looks like a little baby doll!

So I may be really putting myself out there but here's a picture of me right before I went in for the C-section. Just remember... I was on magnesium and seeing double so my eyes are a little unfocused.

And here I am today! I'd like to think that while Darbi has come so far in the last 2 weeks.. I'm doing a little better myself. You know.. I'm wearing real clothes, not laying in a bed all day, and spending much of my time staring at my beautiful little girl!

Life is alright.. for now. :)


Alison: You are SO right! How could I forget to post a picture of my beautiful husband?? Here he is. He has been my rock throughout all of this and I am so grateful for him! I love you Clint!!!

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Daniel and Shari Romney said...

You two do look great!!! That is so good that you feel a lot better. Hope Darbi keeps on making good process. Im still thinking of you!
~Shari Romney

Alison said...

WOW! You should include a picture of Clint... because I'm sure he is grinning from ear to ear... he has two beautiful girls to love and take care of!!

Aimee said...

Hi Audrey... I found you through Kami's blog. I'm going through the exact same experience you are - I gave birth to my son, Connor, one month ago today, at 27 weeks. Just wanted to say that you and Darbi look great! I'm sure it's the same for you and your husband, as it is for me and mine... this is the hardest thing/trial we've ever been through, but our son is worth every minute! Hang in there, and keep up the inspiring posts!

Justina Selim said...

You and baby look great!

The Howick Family said...

You guys look amazing!!! For all that you are going through, have gone through etc... I can't even imagine but you look so awesome!