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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sorry for not posting for the last few days. I guess that's a good thing though right? :) Nothing to report. Tuesday I went up to see Darbi with my sister-in-law Beth and the whole time we were up there she was really good for her nurse and slept the whole time. Beth told me that she could just stand there all day and stare at her. She doesn't do much but that's exactly how I feel. She's so beautiful and every little move she makes is a miracle and it's amazing to just watch her. I just sit next to her little bed and watch her move her little arms and wiggle around. She's just too cute! Yesterday, Clint and I went up and again, there was nothing really new going on. They had done another echo on her heart yesterday morning and it showed that the size of the PDA vein in her heart was small to moderately open. They said that it isn't affecting her heart or anything at the moment so they are going to leave it there until they can finish treating the infection in her lungs. We are hoping that when that infection is gone and they check the heart, the PDA will have finished closing. Then we won't have to do surgery on her heart.

So I had a followup appointment with Dr. Judd today to get my steri-strips (sp?) taken off of my incision and also for them to check my blood pressure. I was a little nervous going into that appointment because what if my BP was high again? Would they ship me right back to the hospital?? But thankfully, it was 130/80!! SO great!! They doctor said that even if it was a little high, he wouldn't send me back though because he knew I'd had enough. He decided to lower the amount of times I take my pills so essentially I'm taking less mg! He said I'm on the road to becoming a normal person again!

Now that I'm on my way to being a "normal person" I have to tell everyone.. I was way too excited. I've lost 30 pounds!!!!!!!!! I don't know what exactly my weight was right before I had Darbi but they weighed me about 2 days after. After all of the water weight and swelling went down, I officially weigh less than I did before I found out I was pregnant! A lot of that has to do with me not eating while I was in the hospital and also I lost a lot of muscle mass with not moving around but with everything that has been going on, I figure I can at least get excited about this! Talk about getting my New Years Resolutions taken care of fast! I'm only 3 weeks into the new year! This is sweet!

My mom is flying into town tonight and she will be bringing my Grandma Linda with her so she can finally see her! She's been a bit under the weather lately and we didn't want to risk her getting me sick or anyone who works near Darbi.

Darbi is 2 weeks old today! I'll be going up there later tonight and I'll be sure to get a good picture. I'm going to try and take one of her every Thursday so I can see how fast she is changing and growing (when she finally does start to put on weight).

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Alison said...

Yea for No News!!!

Congrats on the weight loss! And I'm so glad to hear/read that you are doing so much better.

PaulB. said...

Hey who said you we're ever reaslly normal??? You know i'm just teasing you. I'm really glad things are looking good because you know who i sit next to most days and if things are rocky then so is she!!!! You guys constantly in my prayers.

Kami said...

I loved reading your comment, Audrey. I can't believe you guys are going through all of this right now... x100. Little Darby will be in my prayers. I hope you guys have all the support you need to get through this time.


The Hansens said...

AUDREY!!! I can't believe what you have been through! Ashlee has kept me updated through texting, but finally today i thought i should look at your blog to see if you have been writing. So I have been reading it for the past hour getting updated on your life! Oh little Darbi is PRECIOUS! funny cause my best friend is in the nursing program right now and she is doing her clinical s in the primary children's and so she knows Darbi! I have been praying for you guys every night since the night before you gave birth to her! Way to go! Im so glad all is going well and Im so impressed with your optimism!

Justina Selim said...

So glad everything is going well! Congrats on the weight loss! :->