These Tonka Trucks are for Big Boys

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The other day, Clint took the driving portion of his CDL test and passed!! He wasn't worried at all but I was super nervous. Those trucks are HUGE!!! No, my husband is not going to be a full time trucker... or even a part time trucker!!! He only needs it because his new job sometimes requires him to drive the dump truck, the street sweeper, or the snow remover.

So because I'm a big scrapbooker turned blogger/still kind of scrapbooker, I HAD to have a picture of him standing next to his 100% MAN truck! (It's huge!!)

Clint only works like 1/4 mile from our house so I loaded Darbi up in the stroller and we took a walk down to see Daddy. We took the picture and because I knew Clint was so excited about his CDL, I wanted him to do the "Toyota jump" in front of the truck!! You know.. the jump from those old commercials where they are so excited because they drive a Toyota?? Or something... Maybe it wasn't even a Toyota ad. That's all I remember from my childhood days of watching tv..

ANYWAY. He said no. And I said YOU HAVE TO. And he said FINE. And then he proceeded to stand around for 5 more minutes waiting for no one to be around.. namely any co-workers who would laugh. I didn't care though. I HAD to have the shot! So I put my camera on the mult. pic setting and was ready... He finally did it and I. MISSED. THE. SHOT. I was so mad. So I tried to get him to do it again. About 2 minutes had passed... he was so close to doing it again when 2 of his co-workers pulled up laughing hysterically!!! They saw us walk over to the truck and from the very beginning watched us from afar. It was awesome!!! He was so embarrassed but not mad. Yet he still wouldn't do it again...

Bountiful Baskets Co-op in Utah County!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Remember this post?? Well we're bringing it down South! This Saturday we have a site in South Jordan! Tell your friends. I'm serious! This is NOT too good to be true.. It's SO good.. It HAS to be true! It's going to be so huge and EVERYONE will be talking about it and doing it and you'll wish you had listened too me. You will.

Approximately $50 of produce for $16.50 (processing fee) IS A STEAL. It's ridiculous to say no to this! SO SAY YES!!!

Here's what you do:
Go to
On the left hand side:
- click Co-op Offerings
- click Utah Produce Basket & Bread Week B
- choose Sept. 26, 2009 as your date on the right side of the website (it's the only date you can choose..)
- choose South Jordan as your site (this week it is the only one but in the future there will be many more!!)
- choose Yes for First Time Basket

From here you can choose extra things.. such as CASES of peaches, apples, corn, etc. This is the "specialty buy" for this week and it changes every time. The bread is often the same. The Honey Wheat bread is the best in my opinion. It usually comes in a regular loaf. This week you can buy Honey Wheat with Cranberries ROUND loaf. I've never tried it but I will be buying some because is sounds DELISH!

You'll have to create a log-in to buy a basket. There is a 1.50 Processing Fee just FYI. ALSO, make sure you read all the directions. Double check your pick-up time because sometimes it changes week to week depending on the delivery route. Since there is only one drop this week.. still double check it! You will also need to bring something to pick your "basket" up in. Either a laundry basket, a box, or a cooler is ideal for picking up your produce!

Important things to remember...
- Bountiful Baskets is not a business but a group of people who choose to purchase food as a group to save money.
- Bountiful Basktes is ENTIRELY run by volunteers! Without volunteers, this would not be possible.
- The website is only open to purchase your baskets from Tuesday at NOON to Wednesday at 10 PM. If you can't remember, sign up for the
newsletter!! That's how I remember!!
- To read all Policies click here.

Happy Basket buying! :)

On to my next point...

WE NEED SITE DIRECTORS FOR UTAH COUNTY!!!!! As a Site Director, you will be in charge of
- Getting to your location ON TIME
- Printing off your specific site information the Friday night before
- Storing the baskets
- Sorting the produce into baskets with your volunteers according to your paperwork
- Delivering the baskets that were not picked up (if any) to your local firehouse

and as a plus.. You get a FREE basket! Incentive?? I hope so. On average, depending on where your stop is on the driver's route, it takes anywhere from 1.5-3 hours and it's only every other Saturday. Not too bad! You'd be helping out your entire community and everyone will thank you for it!!

If you have ANY questions and/or are interested (and you know you are...) email me at

Buy a basket this week at the South Jordan site and come check it out! I promise you won't be disappointed.

New Noises

Monday, September 21, 2009

Everything, once turned upside down, is MUCH more interesting. Laying on my lap with her head hanging off the edge is Darbi's new favorite way to see our living room and she's just started making a new noise while she does it. It sorta sounds like the girl from the Ring... in a super cute way!!

Max... What Happened??

Saturday, September 19, 2009

BYU. You disappoint. Clint and I are in a strangely depressing funk now and I believe it is all your fault. :(

Dear Stupid Opinionated Lady - I don't want to hear it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today I was in a craft store standing in the check out line and this lady felt the need to stick her face in the tiny 6 inch opening on my stroller (covered to keep crazies like her out!) and sneak a peak at Darbi.. I bit my tongue as she backed away and started to ask me questions about my baby. I try to be vague because people want to know everything when I say just a little.. D was looking super tired because yesterday she had her flu shot and last night was a NIGHTMARE. Fevers, achiness, gassiness, sleeplessness.... I got 4 hours of sleep in 1 hour increments... anyway.. I said "oh she's super tired today because she got her flu shot yesterday..." The lady then proceeded to tell me about all the horrible things that happen to every baby she knows that gets immunizations. ARGH!!!! That's fine if you think immunizations are bad... THAT'S FINE. But for me and my baby RIGHT NOW we need them. In my opinion, for this particular child... which happens to be MINE, it's better to have them than not. Maybe with my next child, I will reconsider after I do more research but for now, to the ignorant lady in the craft store.. GO AWAY AND KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF.

The New Tummy Time

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So Darbi absolutely HATES tummy time.. HATES IT. She doesn't even try. Since she is 4 months adjusted.. our Welcome Baby nurse was getting nervous and wanted to refer us to the KOTM people who deal with more disabled children. Honestly... I'm not that worried. She does everything else just fine. She's holding her head up, bringing her hands to her mouth, reaching for toys & grabbing those toys, trying to hold a bottle... Her motor skills are fine. So what if she hates tummy time. She'll learn eventually. So in an attempt to get her to like it more... blah blah blah... I am supposed to start doing tummy time a new way...

She's really just praying for me to stop torturing her with tummy time...

On our first attempt, she did really well!! I might actually keep this one up. We are supposed to put the couch cushion on the floor and have D kneel next to it with her arms propped on the cushion. Because, of course, the tv catches her eye... (aka Sportcenter) I made sure she could see it so that I might get a good reaction from this little experiment. We went a full 3 minutes without tears!! It was amazing! Tomorrow I'll just use toys as a distraction. Then Clint came home from work and she was so excited he was home that she forgot she was mad at me for sticking her in the weird position. She was smiling AND laughing DURING tummy time!!

Victory!! Just for today though.. we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Bottle Holder

Sunday, September 6, 2009

She knows how to hold her bottle now!! Clint and I finally went and saw the new Harry Potter movie this weekend (LOVE how they did the ending BTW.. I didn't think I would...) and my Mom and Grandma watched D. While we were there they took this picture! It's so much better to see her do it in real life! If you put the bottle in front of her, she'll reach out to it, grab it on both sides, and pull it straight to her face. Her aim is still not right and she will mostly just polk herself in the eye and she can't hold it up while she's eating for longer than a few seconds but we're on our way!! She's got a weird grip on the bottle in the picture but I'm thinking she'll be ready to start some oh-so-yummy rice cereal sooner than I think!!

Hammin' it up!

Because my Mom was in town this week, we spent the weekend at my Grandma's (who's AC unit was out, ironically enough.. LOL) Saturday was a co-op morning for us and Mom and Grandma watched D while we were gone and took some cute pics. We don't normally leave her oxygen like this but because she thinks it's so fun to pull it out, it's annoying to keep putting it back. So one day, after she pulled it out, Clint left it sitting right under her chin to see what would happen. Because we still don't have an O2 saturation monitor, we rely on her temperament. She wasn't even phased. Her color stayed the same and she continued to be little miss happy, giggling at nothing. So we're feeling pretty optimistic about continuing to ween her off. (I'm crossing my fingers for Christmas...) This weekend we're at 1/16L and next week at our appointment, he'll tell us to try 1/32L and that is as low as we go before coming off!

She's turning into such a ham!!

Darbi and Kermit

Tonight, while Clint and I were out, D got fussy. I had just fed her about an hour before and my Mom didn't want to get a bottle out because we were only going to be back soon. My grandma suggested she look at something super bright to keep her distracted so they broke out Kermit. D played with it for over half an hour!! She's really getting strong in her stomach now and is beginning to use her legs more and pull them up to grab them.

Time to Represent

Saturday, September 5, 2009

C'mon family! BYU has been 20% of my life so far and not a single one of you has a BYU t-shirt. BYU Football starts today and it's about time to represent! DAD.. Utah State will NEVER be good at football. I'm sorry. :)

I Got Bangs!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I haven't had these since I was 5!