Bountiful Baskets Co-op in Utah County!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Remember this post?? Well we're bringing it down South! This Saturday we have a site in South Jordan! Tell your friends. I'm serious! This is NOT too good to be true.. It's SO good.. It HAS to be true! It's going to be so huge and EVERYONE will be talking about it and doing it and you'll wish you had listened too me. You will.

Approximately $50 of produce for $16.50 (processing fee) IS A STEAL. It's ridiculous to say no to this! SO SAY YES!!!

Here's what you do:
Go to
On the left hand side:
- click Co-op Offerings
- click Utah Produce Basket & Bread Week B
- choose Sept. 26, 2009 as your date on the right side of the website (it's the only date you can choose..)
- choose South Jordan as your site (this week it is the only one but in the future there will be many more!!)
- choose Yes for First Time Basket

From here you can choose extra things.. such as CASES of peaches, apples, corn, etc. This is the "specialty buy" for this week and it changes every time. The bread is often the same. The Honey Wheat bread is the best in my opinion. It usually comes in a regular loaf. This week you can buy Honey Wheat with Cranberries ROUND loaf. I've never tried it but I will be buying some because is sounds DELISH!

You'll have to create a log-in to buy a basket. There is a 1.50 Processing Fee just FYI. ALSO, make sure you read all the directions. Double check your pick-up time because sometimes it changes week to week depending on the delivery route. Since there is only one drop this week.. still double check it! You will also need to bring something to pick your "basket" up in. Either a laundry basket, a box, or a cooler is ideal for picking up your produce!

Important things to remember...
- Bountiful Baskets is not a business but a group of people who choose to purchase food as a group to save money.
- Bountiful Basktes is ENTIRELY run by volunteers! Without volunteers, this would not be possible.
- The website is only open to purchase your baskets from Tuesday at NOON to Wednesday at 10 PM. If you can't remember, sign up for the
newsletter!! That's how I remember!!
- To read all Policies click here.

Happy Basket buying! :)

On to my next point...

WE NEED SITE DIRECTORS FOR UTAH COUNTY!!!!! As a Site Director, you will be in charge of
- Getting to your location ON TIME
- Printing off your specific site information the Friday night before
- Storing the baskets
- Sorting the produce into baskets with your volunteers according to your paperwork
- Delivering the baskets that were not picked up (if any) to your local firehouse

and as a plus.. You get a FREE basket! Incentive?? I hope so. On average, depending on where your stop is on the driver's route, it takes anywhere from 1.5-3 hours and it's only every other Saturday. Not too bad! You'd be helping out your entire community and everyone will thank you for it!!

If you have ANY questions and/or are interested (and you know you are...) email me at

Buy a basket this week at the South Jordan site and come check it out! I promise you won't be disappointed.

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