Weekend Surprise!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

As much as it sucks for my Dad, I sorta love it when something goes wrong and he has to step up and drive one of the trucks for co-op! Because then I get to see him!! AND Jed drove a truck up this weekend also so I got a DOUBLE surprise just like last October! My Dad was up for 36+ hours straight but he found some energy to play with Darbi ALL day today! He kills me. I tried to get him to take a nap but I guess it's hard to say no to those big beautiful brown baby eyes! We all went to Brick Oven for dinner and came home and watched a movie. Dad finally crashed at 8 and there was no waking him! It was so fun to have them come visit us even if it was only for a day.. I get my Mom next weekend so she won't miss out on the fun baby times!

We tried bribing her to crawl with yummy sweet treats... since the laser pointer isn't working. :)

I stuck D on the blow up mattress as it was blowing up. This is mid-blow-up. She was only a little scared. It lifted her up all the way though!

I love putting babies in funny spaces

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our new insurance will pay for those annoying sticky tabs for the cannula on D's face now.. I'm giving her a break from the headbands (mostly while I find them all...) I misplaced them and can only find the huge ones that don't hold the cannula on well. Doesn't her head look huge without the headband?! :)

One step closer to crawling!!

I've been saying for weeks that Darbi is soooo close to crawling. Normally... for a normal baby, that would be accurate. Soooo close for us really like 2 months away! But we are making progress! Clint thought it will be helpful (hilarious...) to use a laser pointer to get D where we want her. :) It's pretty dang funny but I don't know if it will work like we want. She has mastered getting from all 4's (I have to put her there) back on to her bum! This is a HUGE deal!! Most babies born at full term can easily put two and two together to figure out crawling. We have to practice each individual step over and over and over. Even then, it still won't click. You don't realize it but there are like 20 different movements to get a baby into the crawling position!! (maybe not 20.. but still.. it's tough!) We are making progress and I'm sure any day (week) we will be crawling! :)

My voice is kind of annoyingly loud... sorry! :)

Guess whose car broke down again??

Monday, February 22, 2010

That's right.. mine did! I was all the way in Sandy when it happened too! I got stuck in traffic when the back passenger tire started grinding so loud. Everyone was looking at me and they had a TON of time to stare since we were all moving 5 miles an hour! I seriously thought my tire had fallen off and I was driving on the rim with sparks flying everywhere! I sounded so horrible that Clint could hear it through the phone. I was able to pull into a 7-11 and lucky for me.. the tire was still there. I was down on my hands and knees trying to figure out what the problem was! Nothing looked wrong! So I called Clint to come save me... We had a tow truck come and drop our car at the shop. Clint thinks it's the ball bearings.... or something.... :)

I remember like 5 years ago I had to have an alignment done on my car and the guy said it would need to be replaced soon... HA. Sucker.. I got 5 years out of that thing! The mechanic will call tomorrow with the damage. Ugh.

Darbi and I had some more backseat fun while we waited for everyone though! :)

We're back!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We are all almost better! I'm the only one with any lingering symptoms. Just a little runny nose and sore throat but I think tomorrow I will wake up symptom free! I kicked that cold to the curb! Darbi fared extremely well considering her chronic lung disease.. Extremely! We are so lucky. We hit our pediatrician office 2 different times and the after hours clinic once just to double check her lungs and to check for ear infections. All is now well!

Being sick and cuddly

My little faker.. :)

Life will go back to normal now and hopefully, so will my blogging habits! We will disinfect the house entirely tomorrow. I know there are some who think my crazy hermit and germ free ways are unnecessary. This lady puts all my thoughts on this into words that make sense. :) Read it. And don't judge my reasons for keeping my baby clean.

Because of Clint's new job and our insurance changes, we had to switch to a different oxygen provider. It is so much nicer now! We had no problems with the old company but now things are just easier. Before, when D was on 1/8L or higher, she was on an O2 concentrator which was loud and put out heat BUT allowed us to walk about the apartment without dragging anything but a little tube behind us. Then when she was able to go below 1/8, we put the concentrator away and had to carry around a "D" tank in a bag. We got used to it but if Darbi were to crawl (which she still doesn't) she'd be tethered on a 5 foot leash attached to a 3 pound tank. In some ways, I guess that would be nice for me.. if she were to ever crawl! :) NOW, we have a 40 pound tank that stays in a central location in our apartment with a 50 foot cord again! FREEDOM. It's so nice to not have to kick that stupid tank around when I need to move D 10 feet in any direction.

Check out all that freedom! :)

RSV Update

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're not at the hospital yet and that's a good thing! Last night Darbi did surprisingly well. Our good friend and Elder's Quorum President came by last night to assist Clint in giving her a blessing which definitely helped both her and me sleep better. She napped in my arms in the rocking chair on and off until about 12:30 last night. She would wake up every 30 minutes in a coughing frenzy if I set her down. I think holding her kept her a little more relaxed until she was ready to fall into a deep sleep. I don't mind the extra snuggling.. even if it is a little snotty. :) She slept until 6:30! From there she was up and down quite a bit until about noon when she decided to really wake up. She was extra extra snotty and congested this morning. Much worse than yesterday. The sneezing subsided for the day but was replaced with a yucky phlegmy cough. She's not really wheezing but it's hard to hear her and not try to clear my throat.

We haven't had to turn her oxygen up any further since Monday. I turned her up to 1/16L just to be safe and we've left her there. Around 4 this afternoon, she perked right up and you almost could not tell she was sick except for the occasional crackly cough. It probably helped that she spent the whole night with Clint while I was at work. She was smiles for the rest of the night until I put her to sleep! She still is not feeling so well and we've got 1-3 more days until we know if we are in the clear.

If tomorrow takes a turn for the worse, we may be on our way to the Dr. again but I'm really thinking she's going to pull out of this one. She's got such a happy disposition and I think that helps when she's feeling really icky. She'll smile no matter how crappy she feels and it's so sweet to see those sicky eyes with a smile under them. :)

I'm still sleeping in her room so here's hoping for another good night for both of us!

Patina in PG

Cutest. Store. EVER. I love it. My friend Nichole opened up this little shop in Pleasant Grove a few months ago and I think it is a great idea! I had a few minutes today and popped in to see what she had in her shop.

How it works is every 2 weeks, Patina will house different artist's handcrafted goods for the public to peruse and purchase. I seriously wanted to buy everything.. Nicole has extremely good taste and her little shop is so cute!! You HAVE to check it out!!!

They are also going to start teaching classes and the first one is this super cute book making class. I'm super interested in some beginning sewing classes that she said will be starting up soon. I'm so excited!

Nichole in her cute little store!

I'm still trying to figure out how I can fit one of those DANG cute pillows into this months budget! :)

And the best part is.. every 2 weeks there is ALL new stuff!!! She showcases new artists for each rotation online but there is also A TON of stuff in there that is not on her blog! Definitely worth going to take a looksie! :)

You've GOT to be kidding me!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

January blues have turned into February blues... blogging will pick up soon. But breaking news...

Darbi tested POSITIVE for RSV today. :( HOW?!?!?!?! She just had her Synagis shot 11 days ago! Synagis is to prevent RSV. We have worked so hard to keep D away from harmful germs and she ends up catching the worst one of all. Not to say that was all for naught though... I'm glad she's as big as she is right now (even though she hasn't gained more than half a pound in the last 2 1/2 months..).

She woke up yesterday with a runny nose. Not too bad. I can handle that. Then it moved into her head last night. She was stuffy and achy. I could just tell she didn't feel good and she was very whiney and cuddly. I went to Walmart around midnight and bought a humidifier. Neither of us got much sleep and I ended up sleeping on the floor in her room because I was too tired to walk back to my bed... every single time.

The cough started this morning, I decided to call the Dr. because 1) She's NEVER had a real cold before (the other 2 times it was because of immunizations then she was teething), 2) I've never had a baby before and I have NO IDEA how to handle this, and 3) she's on oxygen!!

They fit me in right before lunch. She weighs 14 pounds 6 ounces now, by the way. They swabbed her nose to check for RSV and it came back positive. Our jaws dropped! The test is 85% accurate so we are hoping on the slim chance it was a false positive. They said her lungs sounded perfect so I really really hope it was a mistake.

Our plan is to watch D for the next 2-3 days. If she gets worse, we need to go in to the hospital for the big expensive RSV test. Right now, she's eating okay and smiles when we sing songs and play games but she sounds so miserable every other minute. I hate seeing her like this. :( I feel so helpless.

We'll try to keep our germs to ourselves! :)

Sicky eyes :(

Being cute and smiley with Daddy before our appointment