We're back!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We are all almost better! I'm the only one with any lingering symptoms. Just a little runny nose and sore throat but I think tomorrow I will wake up symptom free! I kicked that cold to the curb! Darbi fared extremely well considering her chronic lung disease.. Extremely! We are so lucky. We hit our pediatrician office 2 different times and the after hours clinic once just to double check her lungs and to check for ear infections. All is now well!

Being sick and cuddly

My little faker.. :)

Life will go back to normal now and hopefully, so will my blogging habits! We will disinfect the house entirely tomorrow. I know there are some who think my crazy hermit and germ free ways are unnecessary. This lady puts all my thoughts on this into words that make sense. :) Read it. And don't judge my reasons for keeping my baby clean.

Because of Clint's new job and our insurance changes, we had to switch to a different oxygen provider. It is so much nicer now! We had no problems with the old company but now things are just easier. Before, when D was on 1/8L or higher, she was on an O2 concentrator which was loud and put out heat BUT allowed us to walk about the apartment without dragging anything but a little tube behind us. Then when she was able to go below 1/8, we put the concentrator away and had to carry around a "D" tank in a bag. We got used to it but if Darbi were to crawl (which she still doesn't) she'd be tethered on a 5 foot leash attached to a 3 pound tank. In some ways, I guess that would be nice for me.. if she were to ever crawl! :) NOW, we have a 40 pound tank that stays in a central location in our apartment with a 50 foot cord again! FREEDOM. It's so nice to not have to kick that stupid tank around when I need to move D 10 feet in any direction.

Check out all that freedom! :)

9 Wisecracks:

jenny said...

I am so glad she is doing better.

We totally need to plan a night to get crafty together at pebbles. Tell me when and I'll bet there!

Megan B said...

So glad you guys are on the mend at last! RSV is NO joke!

And congrats on the FREEEEEEEE-DOM!!!

Mel H. said...

yay, so glad she is doing well and that all of you are on the mend. The new O2 setup sounds SO much better. Let's all hope for an early spring :-)

Zena Realtor said...

She is a dolly! Happiest baby I've seen. But then I'm a proud grandma.

Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen said...

Yay for getting better!! She is such a cutie pie!

Shari Romney Family!! said...

Im so glad that all of you guys are getting better! Thats so good that Darbi so well! I dont think you are a hermit or a germ freak!! I know what you mean. Any time anyone at our house is done being sick I disinfect everything and air out my house! The sickness and germs linger forever if you dont! Darbi is so cute! Seems like she is just all around happy baby!

Aimee said...

YAY! So glad everyone's doing better!! :) Can't wait until this flu season is over and house arrest can lighten up a bit. Like me, I'll bet you're tired of having to justify to everyone else why you have to be "protective".

Heather V. said...

I am so glad she is feeling better. RSV is such a scary thing.

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Just thought I'd let you know that this post inspired me to re-evaluate our setup. We have a concentrator with a 25 foot tube. It didn't quite reach to the living room, though. So we stayed in the bedroom a lot because leaving the bedroom meant attaching to the 40 pound tank and dragging that, the baby, and the pulse-ox monitor around the house (not ideal).

I experimented with the distance the tubing would go last night and had Dave move things around in our bedroom (mainly, move the concentrator right next to the door) and Voila! We can come to the living room with just the tube and pulse-ox monitor. Happy Dance!

I was starting to get down about this oxygen stuff. Everyone said, "it's not that bad" but I thought it was really kind of a pain. It's amazing how much of a difference a little freedom can make :-D

Thanks for the post and so glad Darbi did so well with the RSV. She's ridiculously AMAZING!