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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So I'm STILL in the hospital. I'm so sick of this place. UGH. The plan was to go home yesterday... and then today... and now we're scheduled to leave TOMORROW. I've gone the rounds with all the nurses and I'm back to where I started. I've probably had them all at least twice! The reason I'm still here- my blood pressure is still out of control. I can't seem to get out of the the 170 range. The doctors changed my medication today though and hopefully it will work. They just checked me and I was at 158/100. That bottom number is the worrisome one though. Hopefully this works. The nice thing about being here though is we can go up and see Darbi anytime we want and we don't have to worry about driving in the awful weather! Have you SEEN the snow??? I can't believe it.

Anyway, we got a call from the NICU doctor this morning and Darbi is doing really well! Everything came back normal with her blood test results today and tomorrow she is scheduled to have another brain ultrasound to make sure there is still no bleeding up there. If it comes back clean tomorrow, I think she's pretty much out of the woods on her brain developing alright. At least that's what we're praying for. They've taken her off of her blood pressure medicine (makes one of us.. at least her BP is cooperating..) and also off of the insulin for her blood sugar.

They turned her on her tummy the other day and she looked so cozy sleeping like that. I can't wait until we can actually hold her. That won't be for a few months though.. We're planning on her being here at least until her due date which was April 25th.

We're heading up to see her right now so if there's more to report.. I'll post it later today.

On a side note.. I'm getting sick of hospital food.. Check out this piece of artwork.. "Windowpane Gelatin" GROSS.

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Clint said...

I'm pretty sure the window pane gelatin is just left overs that they pressed into a colorful square.

Daniel and Shari Romney said...

That is so wonderful that Darbi is off of her blood pressure meds. and that her insulin is stable. It sounds like she progressing very well. Im sorry that your blood pressure has not lowered. I had really high blood pressure when I was pregnant with Kennedy and I was kept in the hospital four days longer than usual. Hospitals are the worst. But it is great that you get to see your little Darbi any time you want and that your so close by in case doctors need to get in touch with you. Did either one of your parents come up to help out? I hope that you will be able to touch and hold your sweet baby soon, it must be so hard to not even really being able to touch her. From the sounds of how well she is doing maybe you will be able to hold her more sooner then you were told. I want you to know that your family is still in our thoughts and in our prayers. Thank you for keeping posted with all the news on you and little Miss Darbi!
~Shari Romney!!

p.s...Dont you just hate how the doctors and nurses tell you to get as much rest and sleep as you can? ..When Im told that I just look at them and laugh. Like that is possible when your out of your element and have so many things on your mind and in a hospital.

Alison said...

You know... the window pane gelatin could be worse... it could have shredded carrots in or on it!

So glad for the update of your little fighter. What great news!!!

Deidre said...

I don't know how you can stand being there all the time. With David we were there for four days and I thought I was going to die. I hope your blood pressure gets better.

rachel b. said...

Um, that jello looks disgusting. But I'm glad Darbi's doing better! We've been praying for you and the baby. You could always do what some friends of ours did when they were trapped in the hospital waiting for their baby to leave the NICU and were bored out of their minds. . . watch old cartoons online! They went through like 3 seasons of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. An excellent use of all that time.