3 weeker

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here is her 3 weeks photo. She was laying on her side (obviously...) but her head looks abnormally large. I thought it was just a funny angle and since she's not really gaining a whole lot of weight right now, I figure we can change up the pictures week to week for a little while. The nurses change the angle of her head every 4 hours so her head doesn't get misshapen.. I hope they stay on top of that. They "say" that once her hair comes in you won't notice if there's a bit of a flat spot but.. mmm.. I don't want her to have a complex about that when she's older. They had just better stay on top of it now.

They have moved her feedings up to 2.5 cc's every 3 hours which is awesome because she is continuing to tolerate them. She's "stooling" it out perfectly. I think it's so funny when the nurses use that word.. just say it. "She's pooping like a big girl!!"

Tha's right.. :)

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Megan B said...

Don't you worry!! As soon as she goes back "home", they will get that head back into PERFECT shape! I can testify of that!