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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Clint and I decided today that the best way to describe Darbi would be strong-willed. While we were up there visiting her, she was constantly de-sating. Her oxygen level kept going down and while they even had her at 100% oxygen, the amount in her blood would not rise above 80. The nurse called in the Respiratory Therapist and they changed some settings on her ventilator and things would temporarily get better. Later, after we left, while the nurses were "shift changing", Darbi's oxygen dropped again and the nurses tag teamed her. They got a ton of "gunk" out of her respirator and cleaned out her mouth and she's been a happy little, little, little baby since! The strong-willed part comes from while they were in there with her changing her diaper and such after cleaning out her tubes. She was so mad that they were in there! Her heart rate went way up and the nurses decided that they won't try to make Darbi stick to any schedule. They will work around her schedule and do what needs to be done when Darbi is ready. Clint and I have a feeling that this isn't something that will go away as she gets older. We need to prepare ourselves now for the little monster we will be bringing home in a few months. We just need to find a way to channel that energy to be heading in the right direction.

While we were there with her, anytime a machine would beep or a baby would cry, she would get so upset. She did not want to be bothered and it was way obvious that the crying was annoying her. I can just see it now.. once she's older and she hears a baby crying, she'll walk up and smack 'em because it's annoying to her. She's going to be a snobby little girl!!

She is up to full feedings now. She gets 9cc's every 3 hours. She's been taken off of the TPN (IV nutrition) for now and has started her daily diuretic medicine today. This new diuretic is different from the lasix she was taking before. This one keeps the electrolytes and potassium in check whereas the other one did not.

After visiting Darbi, Clint and I went out with 2 of my most awesome roommates from college. Both Linds and Steph live near the hospital now and they took us out to dinner and then to a movie. It was so fun to get away and catch up with them.

Steph, Lindsey, & me

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