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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I think that the chaos that is my life now may be rubbing off onto those near me.. I left my grandma's house for the hospital around 7:30 last night and she sent me with a ton of leftovers from the last few days. After the hospital, I headed down to Orem to stay in my own home with my hubby. I got home and Clint helped me unload the car. He put away all of the food Grandma sent me home with and we talked about lunch/dinner plans for the next day based on what she sent home. I came home with tons of food, some of which included; a bag of cereal, leftover enchiladas, and supposedly spaghetti. Clint opened the container and it was filled with SOUR CREAM. A 3 pound plastic container, FULL of sour cream! Grandma saves the large containers and sends them home with us, usually filled with yummy food from Sunday dinner... not this time. I called her and asked her if she wanted some spaghetti on her baked potato for dinner.. It was pretty funny. Maybe you had to be there.. I got a kick out of it.

Today was my first day back to work! I told Darbi's nurse last night that I wouldn't be making it up to the hospital today because of work and she was shocked that I was already going back. Then the night nurse told the day nurse and the first thing she says to me (sarcastically) when I call is "Good luck at work today.. Ha." Apparently recovery time is 6 to 8 weeks. It's almost been 4. Meh.. I feel fine. It was nice because I was busy while I was there and it helped to take my mind off everything going on. Most of what I was doing was done sitting down. It was also nice to get back to work and feel needed. I feel like I have some control in what is going on around me.

Darbi had a good night. The nurse was giving her some blood today (a normal thing for preemies) and her IV became infiltrated. The IV basically came out of the vein but not out of the skin. This created a large bruise on her foot and now they have to put ice on it 4 times a day for about 20 minutes each time. Darbi doesn't like that very much. The nurse felt really bad too because I guess that is kind of painful for these little ones. Darbi has been sedated and she's doing fine. The chest x-ray this morning showed that part of her left lung had collapsed and so they are keeping her on her right side so her left side will "blow back up". My baby is a balloon. They've bumped her up to 4cc every 3 hours and she's continuing to tolerate it! She gained 30 grams yesterday so she's up to 630 grams or 1 pound 6 ounces!! Grow baby grow!!

Clint is doing a good job of trying to keep up with me, Darbi, and his schoolwork through all of this. He called me last night and said he's finally caught up with school! We're 3 weeks into the semester and he was behind. What a trip. I'm so proud of him though. He's really good at balancing stress and he's able to use school as his getaway.

Another side note, my wedding ring finally fits me again! I don't look like a single teenage mom anymore.. I really am married!!

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Daniel and Shari Romney said...

HAHA! Thats funny about your ring! I know exactly how that feels. I felt like a single teenage Mom when I pregnant with Kennedy to. Because of the high blood pressure. We still are thinking of your family!! I hope you dont mind, but I emailed you a interesting article that written last week about premature baby girls. I hoped you recieved it and that it didnt get sent to junk mail. We are still thinking of you guys and praying for you!

Megan B said...

I'm still waiting on the ring thing :) Hey, I left a little "something something" for you that I swiped at parent hour. It was REALLY funny when your nurse came and found me later to tell me that I misspelled your name. It's not "Claudrey", you know. She even brought me the paper that you wrote your numbers down on as proof and brought me a new piece of paper and everything so that I could rewrite my message. It was pretty funny. I assured her that I really did know your names :)