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Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm still sick.. so today's visit with Darbi was a short one. I went in to deliver my milk and see what her weight was. She is 3 grams shy of 4 pounds! I can't consider today the 4 pound day so hopefully she doesn't lose weight tomorrow! The NNP called me today and said that as soon as I'm not sick I can start to breastfeed!! Not full on breastfeed because it will take her a little while to get the hang of it but we can at least start practicing! And in a few days we will be in a new crib and my nurse was saying that 23 week babies get the full on treatment! (I'm sure all babies get the full on treatment and she was saying it to make me feel special but it worked!) She will have a mobile above her crib and everything!

So with all of these new changes taking place in the next week or so, I thought I would be brave and ask the annoying question that all nurses hear... When does she come home?? I cautiously asked, "Could be maybe expect her to be home by her due date like they said at the beginning?" (April 25th) and the nurse was like.. "25 days?? Of I'm sure of it!!" Just as long as we don't have any major setbacks! I couldn't believe it!!!

So today is Monday... Family Home Evening Day. Clint and I don't have FHE. Everyday is like FHE for us because we are together. When I was growing up we would always do "Gripes and Happys" as one of our FHE activities. Your gripe could be anything you want it to be and about anyone you want.. and the catch is that person (if they are in the room) cannot say anything about it. It is your one chance to vent but once you give your gripe, you can't say anything else about it. And your happy can be anything you want it to be! I called my Mom today and my family was doing "Gripes and Happys" while I was on the phone. I decided Clint and I will start them up...

Audrey's Gripe: BEING SICK
Audrey's Happy: Darbi has gained awesome weight 2 days in a row!

Clint's Gripe: People who yell at him for being stupid and not paying their parking tickets
Clint's Happy: He gave a parking ticket to a UVU student while he was asleep in his car!!

3 Wisecracks:

Megan B said...

Wow, what wonderful changes and amazing news! I KNEW she was just going to take off! everything is happening so very rapidly now and THREE CHEERS for NNBF!!

Karalee said...

Darbi does sound like she is getting full on treatment with the crib. Joshua just graduated to a giant tupperware thing. He didn't get a mobile or anything, and one day the nurse saw him entertaining himself staring at his hands. The best thing I found about graduating from the isolette, is it is so much easier to get to your baby. I am excited for you.

Aimee said...

Great news! I hate that the coming home question feels so much like a question we can't ask... that no one is fully willing to give the parents something to hope for, to shoot for. I think any long-term NICU parent would understand when the "deadline" has to change. Makes it seem a little happier when you possibly have an end date in sight, doesn't it? It's so much easier once they're in a regular crib. In our NICU, that meant being able to pick up Connor without having to get a nurse to help us. Praying that there are NO MORE MAJOR COMPLICATIONS for little Darbi!!