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Monday, March 16, 2009

Lately, Darbi has been occupying her time trying to find different ways to get the tubes out of her mouth. She's getting really good at gripping things once they are in her hand so she will rub her hands around on her face until she gets something good. Occasionally it's a eyeball or an ear but she will often get lucky and a tube will find its way wound through her tiny little fingers. Once she gets that far, she will thrust with all her might to get whatever it is she's got a hold of away from her face (or out of her mouth in this case...). She has already pulled her OJ tube out once and has almost completed the task a number of times since.. The obvious solution would be to just swaddle her really well in a blanket and keep her hands tied up. It worked for a little while until she would wiggle and free one hand and start all over again. The nurses would swaddle her even tighter and even place her on her tummy so she couldn't get them out that way. Well... Darbi has evolved... We've tried to place as many obstacles in her way and of course... she decided to use the only resource left that we can't tie down... her tongue. Yes... She can maneuver the tubes out of her mouth WITH HER TONGUE!!! She's got us all stumped. Having a binky in her mouth makes it better but who is going to sit there and make sure the binky stays in her mouth?? Here's the solution we came up with tonight... She's too smart for her own good. If that tube comes out, no food for her. If she keeps biting the tube that feeds her... well.. I don't know. She's still going to get fed I guess. The only punishment I guess is more tape..

In the video, she is trying so hard to get those tubes out with her tongue. She's got spit everywhere!! Sorry if the video makes you sick.. I was trying to video her and watch her at the same time to make sure she didn't grab a hold of them and yank.

5 Wisecracks:

The Howick Family said...

how cute! She's adorable and I'm excited that she gets to get dressed in real clothes now etc... Yea for Darbi!!!

Megan B said...

No WAY!!! That princess is going to give you a run for your money, I think!!

Becky Bean said...

What a spunky kid!

Daniel and Shari Romney said...

She is so cute! Th first picture looks like she is smiling.
Looks like she is ready to almost learn how to eat on her own. When do they start trying with that? I love her sweet little eyes when she is looking at the camera.

The Howick Family said...

This is still my favorite video of her. I think about it from time to time and it just make me smile! ;) Congrats on the no eye surgery, she is one miracle after another!!!