1 day left!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I chopped off all my hair! I did it last Saturday but just now got around to taking a picture.  I also dyed it dark! I was meant to be a chocolate brown but it came out almost BLACK!!  I love it though!  I look sassy!  ;) 

Clint got his hair "done" too and is very handsome looking...  especially when he's in a suit..  Mmmmm Mmmhhh I do love that boy!!  But he won't get to AZ until tonight so no pic for today.

Man I have a big forehead...  and I finally broke the 200 day mark until the baby comes!

Jed comes home tomorrow!!  

3 Wisecracks:

Alison said...

How exciting!!! Tomorrow is going to be a great day for your family!

When does he speak in church?

Audrey said...

He'll speak this Sunday.. 10 bucks says he hasn't prepared it yet but I'm sure he'll wing it being on that spiritual high he's been on for 2 years.

Toni said...

It was so good to see you today!! You look great.