My long walk home

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So I love the feeling after I go running.. My legs and lungs are burning like they're on fire but it's the most amazing feeling. Well, now that I'm pregnant, I can't exactly go running like I want to (mostly because I'm not in shape.. thank you Dr. Pepper) but I can go walking. Since we have been transportation-less since last Thursday, Clint and I were forced to walk to school and work. Let me tell you.. after that mile and a half walk to work.. I felt amazing!!! I took for granted the fact that I would have to walk to school everyday. It took me 43 minutes to walk to work today and about 40 to walk home (I tried to beat my time :) It was so nice! I found a good song on my iPod and walked home like I was Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail! (Sometimes I pretend to walk like her.. embarrassing I know.. but you probably do it too!) Jack's Mannequin "Dark Blue" is a good one... Song I mean. I came up with some pretty good ideas while I was jauntily walking home too!

Check out this tree! It's already Fall!!!

A happy view of home :)

Anyway, now my legs need a rest, my iPod needs charging, but I feel so much more in balance with my life than I did yesterday so I'd say it was a good hour and a half of my day well spent!

I don't know how Clint's walk to school went but I'd like to think it was just as inspiring as mine.. but you'll have to ask him. :)

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Andre, Melissa and Jolie said...

Your funny audi! I hate to walk or run and you love it! But I will admit it does make you feel better when you are prego. We used to take a walk everynight when I was pregnant! But keep it because I heard that exersize helps with labor and makes it go faster :)