The allergy bug has hit our house

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I have so many things I need to blog up in my head right now. I've been busy enjoying summer and sun and tomato plants! Pinterest has been taking up some of my computer time and I'm not gonna lie... I still nap when Darbi naps. :)

But I have to share this yucky tidbit. We just discovered Darbi has allergies. Like nasty snotty itchy REALLY BAD allergies. I don't have allergies and Clint wasn't affected by them until about 2 years ago.. weird, I know. And it's so much worse than her getting sick. I'd rather her be sick. That's a horrible thing to say I know. We have a nasty snotty nose ALL THE TIME, a little dry cough, itchy/watery eyes, and she wakes up 3-4 times a night because she can't breathe. We had to pull the stupid humidifier out again. (It's an adorable penguin and I really kind of love it..) Just 2 days ago we realized we could give her Children's Benadryl at 1/2 tsp and that has helped with the sleeping at night but it doesn't make her drowsy at all. She didn't nap today because she can't breathe and it is 10:45 at night and she's sitting on my lap wide awake. She laid in bed from 8-10 just playing and when I heard the sink in the bathroom on, I went and grabbed her. We're now watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons on You Tube. In Spanish. :)

Ugh. Snot bubbles, red raw little noses, and itchy watery eyes are my life right now. Now I'm the one assuring everyone else we're not full of germs. It really is just allergies. I hated when other Mom's gave me that excuse because I knew it wasn't the case with their kids. But I PROMISE. It's just allergies. Crappy crappy allergies.

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Steffy said...

Zeke has them too :(. Did you know they make children's zyrtec? I would talk to your pediatrician and see if Darby could have some. Good luck!

Heather Vincent said...

Poor Darbi. Allergies are no fun. Hunter and Paizlei both have them. Other than a slight runny nose, Hunter hasn't been too affected by them. Paizlei on the other hand...poor little girl. We live a block away from TONS of farm fields, most of them hay. They've been cutting since last week (CRAZY for a 1st crop cut already!), and Paizlei's poor little eyes have been red, EXTREMELY puffy (to the point where her eye looks closed) and very watery. I feel so bad for her. She actually acts just fine, other than we can't keep her hands away from her eyes and all that rubbing doesn't do any good at all. Our doctor put her on Singulair 4mg today. Keeping our fingers crossed it works. If that doesn't work, he's going to add a nasal spray and Allegra.

Megan B ♥ said...

Oh no!! That is absolutely TERRIBLE!!! Yeah, you know how i feel about the "it's allergies" joke, LOL! I believe you.... really ;)

Cari said...

Hi Audrey, I tried to call you friday morning to ask you if Darbi had the eye surgery but time went by so fast and I ran out of time. Jake's seemed to go well but now I can tell he is so uncomfortable. They put him back on CPAP today and he just screamed all day. Im sure it is hurting him but it hurts me so much to see him crying! Because a normal baby you can swaddle and walk around and give a bottle to. But not Jakey, he just has to lay there and feel it and I just sat there and cried.

So I guess I'm just wondering if Darbi had the surgery? If she has shown signs of needing glasses? and if she did have the surgery... does she seem to be able to see well enough even though the peripheral vision is gone. I am just wondering what i have to look forward to.

I'm sorry to hear about the allergies. That is no fun and is caused by nature so there is nobody to blame, which is hard to take.

I love Darbi's picture in the hallway at the hospital! My little girl points her picture out to us everyday and says... "Mom when are we going to see her?" So we need to set up a day to meet.

Talk to you later, and thank you again for the cards and gift card! We really appreciated it.

Holly Thaxton said...

sad :( i have Allergies too & this year they seem worse than normal. good luck-