Picking Up Kade

Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm finally getting around to this post. Holy smokes. At the beginning of December, we went to San Diego to pick up Kade! It was such a fun, fast, long (yes.. fast AND long), and PAINFUL trip.

Quick sum up.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Drove to San Diego, checked into MCRD, and got lost A LOT. Majorly stressful.
Thursday: Waited and got teased by Drill Instructors who kept our recruits from us all day while we walked from event after event until we FINALLY got to see Kade that afternoon. It was ridiculous how long that took... Spent all afternoon letting Kade show us around and tell us all
about his last 13 weeks. He's so grown up now and has totally mellowed out. Our little brother has grown up!
Friday: The actual graduation! It's amazing how much pride you feel for America when you attend one of these. The plan was to leave at noon that day but Kade had to buy new clothes since he had none and then spent a few hours getting lost trying to find the Pizza Hut that was 15 MINUTES AWAY. Ugh. Meanwhile, I was experiencing the most horrendous painful medical issue that is crazy embarrassing and I will definitely NOT be sharing the details on this little blog.. but I will openly tell you what happened if you asked me in person. I have class. :) HA!

Jayne, me, & Kelsey waiting to see Kade

Darbi chillin' to the max.

First time seeing Kade at the "motivational run". They just run by us before they run a little 5K while we scream and holler. Kade is right in the middle - I think 7 heads from the right. (6.5 heads from the left) :)

Aww! Brothers!

Kade & his friend Private Fuller

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Bigelows said...

I think I might have a guess as to what the issue is unless there is more than 1 embarrassing issue!!!

Megan B ♥ said...

I can barely contain my anticipation to ask the question when I see you!!!