Christmas Eve

Friday, December 31, 2010

Our first Christmas Eve after we were married, Clint and I had a midnight snack craving but everything was closed - except Denny's! We decided to make it a yearly tradition.. aaaand that lasted only 2 years. :) I have a picture from 2006 but can't find it and 2007 we went with Becky & Ryan and little 1 month old Grace! Then, last year, we were in Phoenix and we were just too tired and I was a little manic about going anywhere in public so we opted out. This year we decided to upgrade and change our tradition a little into a trip to IHOP and it was SOOOO YUMMMY. I had apple cream cheesy whip creamy crepes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and sausage. (Can you believe I'm actually losing weight right now?? HA!) Clint and Kade had everything else on the menu. It was simple and yummy but the tradition is BACK. ON.

Also. My camera broke in San Diego at the beginning of December so now all my pictures are horrible. But it sorta does the job.

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