It's not Gay Denny's but it will do

Friday, December 26, 2008

On our first Christmas Eve together, Clint and I left his mom's house late and decided we were hungry but didn't want to cook at home.. We drove around everywhere trying to find a place to get some food but NOTHING was open! EXCEPT... the trusty oh-so-classy Denny's! We went home, got in our PJ's and came to Denny's. Since then, we decided we would go every year (for some reason I don't have pics from last year.. but we did find a receipt so we know we went!) and this year we invited Becky and Ryan to go with us.

It started to snow while we were eating so when we left, the boys were cleaning off the cars, and Becky and I spelled out our names in the snow with our feet. I'm a retard and had slippers on so my feet were freezing but here you can see Becky's huge B..

While we were driving home from Denny's we passed some pretty cool snowmen. It snowed like crazy on Tuesday so there were a ton of 'em out there.. Some were pretty cool. The one on the top left is so perfect!! And the one on the bottom right is some kind of face statue thing.. I sound smart when I say that.. So presenting...

The Snowmen of Christmas Eve 2008!!

After we found 4 we decided we were too tired to keep looking for snowmen and I felt uncomfortable getting out of the car and taking creepy stalker pictures of other peoples houses.. It was after midnight..

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Becky Boo said...

Thanks for inviting us to join in your tradition! It was tons o' Christmas fun!