Sumidero Canyon

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Monday we woke up and went on a quick taxi ride to Chiapa de Corzo to take a boat ride down the canyon. When we got there, Jed was so excited to get us to drink his favorite "dirty water". We were all a little nervous, ESPECIALLY when we saw that it really looked like water with dirt in it!!
If I remember right, it's water, ground up cocoa beans, and ground up corn. I sorta has a sweet taste and reminds me of chocolate milk but not really. When you get to the bottom, there is all this sludgy stuff that you have to chew.. it's just the corn that has settled to the bottom. I made Clint drink my sludge.. yuck.

Audrey, Jed, Liz, Clint, & Dad

Here are some photos of the river. The highest point from the cliffs edge to the water was 2500 ft. and it was created from a river, just like our Grand Canyon. There are more things our guide told us about but because it was all in Spanish.. obviously.. we didn't get it all. Jed translated as much he could but it was kinda loud and he went fast.

After we went up the river, we were all pretty tired and had to catch a taxi back to Tuxtla-Gutierrez but we didn't want to take two because it would have been expensive.. I think. Anyway, FIVE of us crammed into a teeny-tiny taxi to go back to our hotel. That's the driver, Jed, & Liz in the front half of the car, and Dad, Mom, & Clint in the back of the car. I ended up on the laps of Dad, Mom, & Clint. I was probably the most comfortable of everyone and actually took a nap on the way home!
I need to find those pics.. they are pretty funny...
Once we got back to the hotel, we took some taxi's to the OCC (the bus transport station) and took a bus to San Cristobal. It was a very colonial looking city and I guess it is one of the oldest in the state of Chiapas. The hotel we ended up staying in didn't have a heater and it was SO cold!! Definitely jacket weather.
The worst part of the hotel:

Scented toilet paper helps though. I was pretty upset about the whole no-flushing-the-toilet-paper thing. Gross.

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