Confessions... Sorta

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I made taco soup/chili for dinner and my whole family will have gas for the next 4 days. :)

I am super happy that my friend Audrey is back in P-town! I'm sad her blog is private because I can't share with you all how awesome she is. Take my word for it! It's not private anymore!!

Clint has every Friday off from now on and I am SO EXCITED!!!

The semi-mentally-handicapped bagger at Albertsons told me, today, that I needed to pull my pants up after helping me unload my cart. Yes. I laughed and Yes. I was embarrassed. He told me to go buy a belt.

I watch TLC's What Not To Wear almost everyday at 1 and I wish I had $5000 to spend on a new wardrobe.

BYU Football starts a week from Saturday we already have our BYU outfits ready to wear... It's a growing obsession for me.

Baby gas is super cute but smells NOT so cute.

I want to go back to school SO BADLY. I want to buy school supplies and walk around campus like a cool college student. I miss that. :) I secretly want to get my Masters but I'm afraid to actually say it out loud or do anything about it.

I drink Dr. Pepper like it's water. I also drink water like it's water. So I don't feel too bad about my DP "problem".

I hate when people spell wEIrd and recEIving wrong. Makes me crazy.

I will probably be completely gray by the time I'm 30. Maybe 35. I'm not kidding.. and I won't tell you who's fault it is. :)

I love that Darbi loves Clint and only wants him to put her to bed. :) I'm the play time parent and he's the snuggling parent.

And sometimes I eat Peanut M&M's for breakfast. It's a wonder how I got the chub on me!! :)

6 Wisecracks:

Audrey said...

I feel SO special that I was mentioned on your blog, and just to let you know, I am taking my blog off private... RIGHT NOW.

Love you!

Jessica Gonzalez said...

I secretly want to buy school supplies and be a cool college student again, too! I never realized I would actually miss it!

Apocalypso aka Daphne said...

Holla Periwinkle! I've also been considering getting my masters, applying for a job with the CIA, moving to England and various other things. I do so miss carving my life into semester long chunks. Somehow it felt like time didnt really move so quickly when I was in school.

Also, like you I have a Dr. Pepper "problem." I drink a thirst buster sized one pretty much everyday now, but I justify it by drinking twice as much water...sometimes. I think it will be a full on "PROBLEM!" when I start saying I am dating a doctor, when what I really mean is I'm going to the grocery store for more soda.

Natasha & Jacob said...

Audrey Sweetheart went private! Sad! Audrey give me your e-mail so I can plead my case why I should be able to see your blog!

jessica said...

I am so glad to know I am not the only one drinking soda like it's water. My vice is Diet Coke...can't stop!

Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen said...

HAhaha you are so funny! Glad I found your blog! :)