Smile & Shake!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've got a sucker, a smiler, and a shaker!! I have to put the keys right near her hand and wait for her to grab them (she won't just reach out on her own yet...) but once they are in her hand, she's shakin' away and she loves it!! Until they slide down her arm and her fingers find their way into her mouth...

The last three night's she has been an angel about going to bed! She's been real snuggly when she ready and she'll just turn her head into my chest, we snuggle with the binky for about 2 minutes and she's asleep before I can even put her down! It's awesome. I wish it would last!

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Alison said...

Check her out... all chunky looking!

Yea for Darbi!!!!