Just One of the Girls!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Darbi finally got to met her cousins last Thursday!! Now that she's bigger, the doctor gave us the ok to let her be around squeaky clean kids before the sick season and school starts! Darbi was a little bit fussy but the girls were so excited to meet her!! I am sure D and Halle will be besties someday! Halle kept putting her arm around D's head and giving her hugs! It was so sweet!! I love these girls!

Someday Melissa will be the best babysitter!! I can't wait! She's starting 2nd grade this year! When I met Clint.. she was 2!! I feel old..

Sariah was so sweet with her too! She was so helpful to me while I tried to get D to calm down. She would bring be her blankets and her rattles. She'll be a great babysitter someday too!

D's head is as big as Halle's! HA!

D's face the whole time... She needs to get used to larger crowds. Just not yet..
And check out that Mommy cleavage! :) I'll be sad when that goes away... Clint too. :)

3 Wisecracks:

Apocalypso aka Daphne said...

HA! mom cleavage. You're hilarious Audrey. Darbi's so cute.I seriously need to get up there and visit.

The Lewis Family said...

Ha, hilarious!
It doesn't always go away... so you never know ;)

Megan B said...

Her head is also as big as your boob. Now THAT's saying something! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!