Anniversary #3 baby!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 3rd anniversary to us! Most people buy gifts for each other on their anniversary.. Clint and I bought gifts for Darbi. How did that happen??? We started by going to Babies R Us because we needed to get another bottle because she's not taking one at all anymore. I'll detail that in another post later.. we're still experimenting and trying to figure out why. So we ended up getting her a new bottle with new nipples, a new toy, and 2 new pairs of pj's at the mall! She is so spoiled... and I don't care!!

We did go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and treated ourselves to an appetizer on top of our regular dinner. Then we went to Target and bought ourselves an anniversary gift for each other... A coat rack!!! Oh I'm so excited about it! I don't know if Clint is as excited about the coat rack as he is about hanging the coat rack with his huge screws. Such a boy.

The "happy anniversary celebration extravaganza" started last night when I picked up The Proposal on the way home from work. We waited until D was asleep to start it and Clint fell asleep. :( So we may be watching it again tonight!

I also made Clint answer a few questions about while we were dating and also about our wedding day.. cheesy I know but I love doing questionnaires!!

#1 Where did you meet?
Clint: My apartment
Audrey: Clint's apartment. I needed a hammer and nail to hang a clock so since I was friends with his roommate, I went over there to see if he had one. He wasn't home but Clint was and he ended up following Becky and I back to my apartment.

#2 How long before you kissed?
Clint: Well, she kissed me on the first date, so about 2 weeks. Although, I'm still not sure how she waited that long! I'm a looker, ya know...
Audrey: It was the first date... *snicker*

#3 Who kissed who first?
Clint: She did! I swear!
Audrey: He kissed me first! I swear! Who ya gonna believe???? :) *snicker snicker* It was really me..

#4 How long from the time you met until you were engaged? How long from the time of the engagement until the wedding?
Clint: 16 months until engagement. Yeah, I know... I took For evvvveeerrrrr. Engagement? 8 months.
Audrey: What he said... and yes he took forever!! We got engaged in February but I remember this one time the December before when he planned this whole trip to Park City and talked about how we were going to one of his favorite restaurants there.. I was SURE he would ask me then. I got all gussied up and pretty and he called me the morning of and said it was snowing up the canyon and we couldn't go. I was freaking out!! He had to have a back up plan right?!?! But no. I was pretty bummed.

#5 How did he propose? Did he pick out the ring or did you?
Clint: On the steps of the SLC temple! Nothing fancy, but I was pretty tricky about it, if I do say so myself! She picked out the ring, but after an incredibly long story that I refuse to share for fear of stroking out, I changed it to my own choice.
Audrey: SLC temple and the story about the ring is sooooooooooooooooooooo LOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Probably an entire story for a completely different and extremely long post. It's pretty funny though.

#6 Do you still like the ring?
Clint: I think it's awesome! She'll say it could be bigger though... :P
Audrey: ditto. :)

#7 Where was your wedding and reception?
Clint: We were sealed on October 14th, 2006 in the Mesa, AZ temple. The recemption was at a church in Peoria, AZ with a second reception 1 week later in Orem, UT.
Audrey: This was a boring question.

#8 Did you cry during the wedding?
Clint: FUNNY STORY!!!! The sealer was speaking to us about children as we were kneeling at the alter when I decided to squeeze her hand. (I was really looking forward to the baby making!). I managed to keep a straight face. She... did not! Everyone thought SHE was excited for the baby making! Dirty Audrey...
Audrey: HA!! That was funny... what can I say?? I have a good lookin' hubs! :)\

#9 What did you serve your guests at the wedding?
Clint: Produce! Thanks Blair!
Audrey: Exotics fruits and veggies.. a lot of which I had never heard of before.. and nuts and super yummy sweets!

#10 What was your favorite wedding gift?
Clint: Lingerie!!!
Audrey: The recipe book from my Grandma because it was full of super yummy things but mostly because she bought me all of the dry ingredients I would need to make ALL of the recipes!! She filled my pantry!!


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Alison said...

I'm going to go ask Phil what we served at our reception, just for grins and giggles.

Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen said...

Hahaha this is super funny! Happy anniversary!

I love the Proposal and I am now dying to eat TR. mmmm Texas Roadhouse....

Apocalypso aka Daphne said...

Congratulations you guys! I poured a bottle of Dr. Pepper out on the sidewalk in your honor.

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

Happy anniversary to you guys!!!! Hope you make it through the proposal! I love that movie!

Megan B said...

LOL, happy anniversary!! This post is hilarious and you look so beautiful in your wedding picture!

Megan B said...

Did you like The Proposal? I haven't seen it yet but I have wanted to.