A Rube in the Kitchen

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm a bit of a rube when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. I'd like to think I can cook... well. But it's not really true. I can make spaghetti and lasagna - no problem. Mac & Cheese - you bet! (especially with tuna and nacho cheese doritos - try it!) When it comes to something new and luxurious... I'm a rube!!!!! (that's my new fave word) Tonight, for example, I wanted to try out Megan's super delish Chicken Sundried Tomato Pasta. She brought dinner over for us when we brought Darbi home and we LOVED it. So me, trying to be a good wife in the kitchen, tried to make it tonight. EVERY SINGLE TIME I try something new in the kitchen, I mess something up majorly and Clint has to bail us out so dinner won't be disgusting.

Yes. I am ashamed of this.

So tonight. Clint boiled the chicken and the pasta so I could feed Darbi and I was going to take care of the rest. I started with the sauce and start to finish.. it was AWESOME. But stupid-brainless-Audrey forgot that I had to measure out 6 cups of farfalle pasta to be mixed with the sauce. Just FYI - we cooked about 12 cups of pasta!!! (I am SO DUMB!! I told Clint to cook both boxes.. soooo dumb) I poured the sauce over the pasta and while I'm mid-mix, Clint comes over to look at my beautiful dinner I made for him. I was feeling SO proud of myself... Clint reminded me of what I forgot and OF COURSE came to fix my mistake. I was so mad at myself!!!! I made sure to fix it by my stubborn self and of course it was yummy. At least Clint hasn't mentioned anything wrong with it.... yet.... :) Now I have 3 rubbermade tubs in my fridge FULL of pasta.

Anyone want to come over for dinner?? I'll feed you! :)

For the record though... I CAN bake... just not cook... really.... (and of course Clint will tell you otherwise.. LOL)

3 Wisecracks:

Megan B said...

Snicker, snicker, you CAN cook! And you can teach me how to bake :)

The Alleman Family said...

It looks really good! Just think, now you don't have to make lunch or dinner for awhile!

Danielle said...

That looks tasty, even if you have enough for the multitudes. We need to get together! I miss yoU!