It's been a little crazy around here...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This last week we (I) have been cleaning, gutting, and organizing our little apartment TO THE MAX. I'm no where near done either. We have 2 bedrooms. One is where D, Clint, and I sleep... up until 2 days ago that is. The other room is (was) the office/scrapbook/storage/dump zone/front closet/stuff that normally goes in a garage room. Let me tell you. It's not that big. I don't know how we got that much stuff in there and where did it all come from?! This last week I spent making piles of stuff to throw away, stuff to take to our storage unit (which until now, has not been utilized to the max), and stuff to donate. It is looking much better but I still have crap EVERYWHERE.

I organized enough so that we could switch the desk from the crap room with Darbi's crib. We spent Saturday playing Tetris in our little apartment trying to get everything where it needed to be without moving too much stuff/taking doors down/putting holes it the wall... and we did awesome!!!

D and I taking a break while Clint and Kade moved the heavy stuff.

The "clean" half of Darbi's new room! I haven't decorated the "nursery" section of the room at all.. I'm still looking for cute ideas. Pass them along if you have any! :)

Aaaannd... the other half of D's room! This will be where I store my scrapbook stuff. I know it looks messy but don't you just want to jump in and start organizing?! I know I don't... but all the colors are pretty! :)

While we were setting up the computers in our room, D was playing on our bed. She found the mother-load of oxygen supplies that I had stored in a basket.

She was pretty excited about it. :)

So last night (Saturday night) was the first night sleeping in different rooms. I wasn't really nervous about putting her in her own room because we have the heart monitor but I was feeling extremely lonely!!! How lame is that?! But now I don't have to tip toe when I go to bed and same for Clint when he goes to work in the morning.

For about the last 3 weeks, night time has been HORRIBLE. I don't know what has changed. I dread putting her to sleep because it just doesn't work. And once she's asleep, she'll wake up anywhere from 3-6 times!! I chalked it up to Clint's snoring (sorry Clint. :). But last night she woke up 4 times in her own room. It's exhausting! Hopefully it will just take a few nights for her to adjust. Tonight we tried letting her cry it out and she cried for an hour and a half. Not just cried... screamed and hyperventilated and there was snot everywhere. It was not pretty.

So I hope this game of tetris we played this weekend will be beneficial all around. I'll be spending the next week making storage/DI/dump trips so my house will be in order again. The clutter is making me crazy!!!

5 Wisecracks:

Becky Bean said...

Oh my gosh, you are kicking that room's trash! Way to go. Pretty soon we are going to be doing the same thing--sorting, organizing, decluttering. How do we get so much stuff? Probably like this:

I'll take your DI deliveries to DI for you...seriously. Call me. :)

Megan B said...

The room looks AWESOME!!! What a liberating week you have had! Junk be GONE!

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

Darbi is absolutely adorable... AND oh my goodness! Your organization skills make me jealous. You've inspired me. I'm going to go CLEAN... AFTER I blog, of course!!! :)

Danielle said...

I love the rearranging! Isn't it nice to have to have them in their own room? We've already moved Maggie into her own room. When are we going to scrapbook?

Shari Romney Family!! said...

Having them wake up like that when they usually dont takes a toll! She is so adorable, so smiley! I loving having things organized I just hate getting to the part of being organized!