D's New Bestie

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last Wednesday, I got a call from my Aunt Holly (daddio's sis) saying that her son who was here at a BYU Football camp had possibly torn his meniscus and need a ride to the ER. (don't worry - he's fine) My neighbors were over watching the World Cup and I had just put Darbi down for a nap so it worked out perfectly. TV time for the neighbors if they would stay at my house in case Darbi woke up. :) I haven't seen Andrew since he was five and was mildly obsessed with Starfox on his N64 and would give no one the time of day. Turns out, he's a way cool kid and I'm kinda glad he hurt himself so I could get to know him! He wants to come to BYU next year and I'm super excited! We met up with him again today and took him to Brick Oven and then for a walk around campus/south of campus giving him the inside scoop on how cool BYU really is. And I think Darbi found a new bestie. :)

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