Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I don't have much to say about Summerfest. It was fun! It's always fun! Clint, D, and I went to the morning pancake breakfast. It was COLD. We were too early to hit the cute little booths so we walked to the library, took a turn, and walked back. Saw come cool cars, finally hit the shops, bought Clint some crappy sunglasses and me a new hat.

We went home and took a REALLY long nap. Hit the parade.. where by the way... they are STINGY with the candy throwing.. When I was a kid there was ALWAYS a TON of candy. Lame. We did sit by some pretty awesome hecklers... It definitely made all those stupid politicians fun to watch. Why are they even in the parade?! At least throw some candy! That's how you'll win my vote. Next year... I'll just have a sign. Candy for Votes.

Darbi watched her first fireworks. She was scared at first but it was 10 at night. I bet she was just tired.

Oh. Best part. The Texas Twister. It's why we go. :)

Kade and D before the parade

Melissa & Sariah

Chad & Beth

Beth & D

Oh she's cute.

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Clint P. said...

I don't think anyone has told Chad that you're supposed to take off your sunglasses for pictures. Especially when it's overcast... :-/