Memorial Day Weekend

Friday, June 4, 2010

Co-op was canceled this last weekend so Dad was able to come up for a quick visit! It's been a bit since he's seen D but it didn't take her long to remember him. We rented a car and took a trip up to Idaho to visit my Grandma & Grandpa. It was so nice to get away... and I learned something about Clint. He's NEVER been to Yellowstone! Crazy... So we're going to go sometime this summer.

I'm about to go nuts with pictures...

Darbi had a nasty blow-out on the way up. They are happening daily. It's gross and I'm super thankful for a W/D now! I'm not sure we're ready for size 3 diapers yet..

The day before we got up there, Gma & Gpa went down to my Aunt Jill's and picked up her kitties. Darbi liked them a little too much. I turned my back for a sec and she had the poor cat's entire face in a scrunched up vice grip! It's better we didn't bring one home with us.

She was so happy on Grandpa's lap!

Grandpa made his very own apple press (I think that's what it's called). Dad picked up some apples and we gave it a go. Clint is still talking about how it was the yummiest apple juice..

We took a drive up to Island Park where we dream of having a cabin someday. :) It's so pretty up there!

D, Clint, & my cute Grandma!

These cars have been around since my Dad was a kid. Anyone who's anyone has played with those bad boys! :)

We introduced Darbi to Grandpa's horses and she really surprised me! I thought she would completely freak out but she tolerated them really well! I got some video but for now, I'm sticking to pictures.. it's too late and it'll take too long. But it was cute!

They got pretty close and she still didn't cry!

She did have her breaking point though. She would squirm up Dad's arm with a panicked look on her face. Not too bad! I was pretty terrified of horses when I was little. She can go ride horses someday with my Dad! I'll stay at home. :)

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