Labor Day BBQ

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First of all.. prepare for picture overload. There's really only like 10-ish pictures..
Second of all.. Can you believe I've never been ice blocking?! Never! Whenever they went for a YW activity, I was always gone.. soccer practice, x-country race.. something. Anyway.. It. was. AWESOME. So for Labor Day/Kade leaving, we had a BBQ at the park near Clint's growing-up-home and went ice blocking!

Baby Tyler.. adorable right??

Kade & Kelsey.. also adorable right?? :)

Chad, Kade, & Clint

Chad, Pam, Kade, & Clint

Darbi & Kelsey

I took Darbi down the hill with me. It was a small hill. I don't think she cared either way.. :)

Darbi wasn't feelin' so hot today. I love when she gives little loves.

4 Wisecracks:

The Grady's said...

don't worry! I've never been ice blocking either. Darbi is getting sooo big! such a cutie!

Jessica Gonzalez said...

How funny, my first time ice blocking was with the young women in my ward this summer. It's SO much fun!

I REMEMBER our ward going ice blocking...but I was always somewhere else that night, too. I thought I was the only one that missed out!

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

Darbi is growing up so fast! She is so adorable.

How have you guys been? Seems like life is treating you well! I'm so glad.

I think about you all the time. Hope things continue to be on the up-an-up!

Audrey said...

Audrey, you look super adorable in these pictures. :)