Monday, September 27, 2010

This is Clint this time. Audrey thought it would be best if I wrote this post.

A few weeks ago, we had kind of a big event in our family... 6 months ago, my Mom called me and asked "Did Kade really join the Marines?!" I had no idea, but it was true. Kade had been speaking with recruiters for the previous few months to decide if it was right for him. A few weeks ago, the day finally came for him to report to San Diego for boot camp. The day before, we had a family barbecue.

Boot Camp for the Marines is 12 weeks long and is the most demanding (both physically and mentally) than any other. To add to that, Kade got pneumonia his second week there and spent a couple days on bed rest. From his letters, it sounds like he's actually having fun. Not that we're really all that surprised. Kade has been preparing for this for 6 months. He knew what he was getting in to.

They say a recruit can never receive enough letters. We've been writing him almost non-stop. If you feel like dropping him a letter to let him know you appreciate his sacrifices, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Recruit Pedersen, Kade D.
2nd Bn. Golf Co. Plt 2141
36001 Midway Ave
San Diego, CA. 92140-2141

Semper Fi!

2 Wisecracks:

jessica said...

Done and done :)

Heather Vincent said...

That is so awesome! My 2 youngest brothers are both in the military...the youngest is in the Marines and stationed in Pensacola, FL; he is a teacher for boot camp graduates. My 2nd youngest brother is in the Navy and stationed in...well, he was in Fallon, NV at Fallon NAS, but recently received new orders for Everett, WA, he is in Guam today and is getting ready for deployment on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

I have HUGE gratitude for our men and women in military. Good luck to Kade...and if you guys can, I HIGHLY recommend making the trip to MCRD in San Diego for his Pass In Review from Boot Camp. It is an experience of a lifetime!!!!